Wednesday, June 26, 2019


   Welcome to Wednesday , today I have an awesome novella for you guys today. I would also call it a prequel for a fabulous series . THE BENCH  by Theresa Sederholt.

                            BOOK BLURB 

I was living the American dream. I had a beautiful wife and a career that I loved.
Then everything I knew and loved was lost to me forever.
With nothing left, I set out to lose myself in New York City. What I found, instead, was a best friend who would change my life forever.
This is the story of how one person’s kindness set me on a journey that would change my life forever.

This is not a romance; It is one man’s journey to find his way back to himself.
**Warning** There may be triggers for some readers due to the sensitive subject matter regarding PTSD.

All proceeds to benefit The Gary Sinise Foundation.

                             MY REVIEW 
   What do you do when everything you love has been lost forever . Mick has been through a lot and now is trying to hide in New York City .  Then one day on the bench he finds a best friend who would change his life in a way that noone would of ever thought. This isn't a love story but a story of one man's journey back from the brink and become himself again . 

    This story has such strong characters , Mick is truly a hero in my books , he has fought for so much . He is strong but he is also so scarred and broken , he has lost everything and everyone he loved. You just want to take care of him and wrap him up in a blanket and tell him that life will be ok.  Pastor Clarence is another great character . He goes through a lot with Mick and becomes a good friend to him and encourages Mick to start doing things . Also another great character that starts Mick on his journey home is Dr Finley , he really helps Mick come to terms with what has happened and starts to put everything back to normal . They are both strong and kind characters that you will love . 

  We can't forget Raven, the sweet woman who befriends Mick and shows him nothing but kindness . I love the relationship between Mick and Raven , its is so sweet . They seem to be more then friends that there is a true love between them that will not be destroyed in any way . 

   This book is so powerful, its shows what love can do to help bring a person well lets say back to life . The characters are so well written and complex and you will love them . The story is so relevant in todays world . So many veterans suffering in silence and those who are there to help . The author tackles this story in such a way that you care for the characters and want the best for them . The author has a way of letting us inside MIcks head and we get to see what he is really going through . This is an emotional book that will have you wiping a tear or two from your eyes and also you will be cheering for our main character through out the whole book . So if you want a powerful book for your summer reading challenge add this one to your list . 

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