Monday, June 17, 2019


 Its Monday all , hope you all had a great weekend and got lots of reading done . Today I have a crime thriller for you DEAD FISH by Ruth Carrington .

                            BOOK BLURB 

Dr Geoffrey Quinn arrives home in the middle of the night to find his children missing, the charred remains of his wife’s body in the boiler and Chief Superintendent Manning waiting to arrest him for her murder. Enter Alison Hope: small, attractive, determined, and briefed to defend him.

Quinn claims he is innocent, but Alison is not so sure. The background becomes increasingly murky as she penetrates a wealthy and ruthless circle who cannot risk their secrets coming to light. Behind a façade of genteel society parties, their hard drugs and kinky sex could be embarrassing. But - deeper hidden - swirl dangerous currents of child molestation, mega-fraud and illegal arms dealing. Crimes they will kill to conceal?

Underlying everything is the inexorable deadline of Quinn’s trial. Can Alison unravel the mystery in time to save him? It seems she hasn’t a chance. ‘Then give it up,’ counsels her lover, eccentric private investigator George Kristianssen: ‘Go with the flow.’ But Alison is resolute. Only Dead Fish go with the flow.

                             MY REVIEW 
  What do you do when you arrive home one evening to find your children gone and your wife burned to death in the boiler . That has what happened to Dr Geoffery Quinn. In comes Alison Hope a bright eyed lawyer who is determined to help him out . But as she dives into the world that Geoffery is part of the chances of him being innocent are not looking good . There is more going on then people will let on, as the trial looms closer and closer  Alison must figure it all out or die trying . 
    Ok I tried really hard to love these characters but alas I just couldn't fall in love with them I found that I really just couldn't connect with them . Don't get me wrong they are well written but I really just wanted to strangle Quinn a few times . He really came off as a douche and I was really kinda hoping that he actually did do it . Just for poor Alison's sake . Alison was a go getter but sometimes she just came off way to eager and some times a whiner . Over all these are good characters just wish there was some more depth to them.

  I am very torn on this book , I truly wanted to like it but in some parts I just really wanted to skim because I just felt that it really didn't belong . The parts that I did love were well written and you can really see the main characters trying to their best .The court room scenes were well written and it did catch my interest . Over all i really did like the book I just wished that the author went over it one more time and added some depth to the characters and some suspense to the chapters . If you want to give it a try check it out . 

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