Thursday, June 20, 2019


WOOHOO made it to Thursday or as I like to call it Friday Eve . Today I have a sexy cowboy book for you by one of my new favourite authors . FOOLIN by Allyson Young .

                           BOOK BLURB 

When Kathleen and Carter meet, it’s intrigue at first sight, and they awaken from emotional exile. A turn of events finds her spontaneously joining him on his working ranch. Despite being really hard work, she’s blissfully happy—and the fringe benefits aren’t too shabby either.

Carter can’t believe his luck. He desperately needed a housekeeper, not that he welcomed this amazing woman into his home for that reason. He can cope with her bond with her daughter, no matter how it forces him to remember his lost young son. And he can’t give her his heart, but what he can give is surely enough.

In love with this amazing man, Kate ignores that Carter withholds, believing he’ll change, and she’s willing to wait. When she inadvertently discovers he was angling for a housekeeper all along, it knocks her blinders off.

She’s done waiting. She deserves more—and so does he.

                             MY REVIEW 
   Wonder what happens when a handsome cowboy meets a sweet bookkeeper . Well lets say the sparks fly and when that bookkeeper decides to come back to his ranch well it gets even hotter . When Carter sees Kathleen across the room sparks that he thought were dead a long time ago are ignited . When they decide to spend the weekend together they both find what they have been missing in their lives . Will they realize it before its too late , or will a misunderstanding split them up . 

     I love these characters so much . They are well written and both of them have a complexity to them .  I love Kathleen for one main reason, she is my age and has gone through love once and is her own woman . She is stronger then she lets on and wants more out of life then the dead end job she is working . I love that she is hard working and wants to take care of the men on the farm . She is sweet and sassy and wears her heart on her sleeve sometimes .  Now Carter well he is kind and actually he is a little grumpy when you first meet him .He seems like he just wants to be left alone . He tries to be tough but you can see right through the tough act and see that he is a sweet lonely guy who is scared to let go of the past .  There is plenty of heat between the two of them  and you will love them so much . There are moments when you want to wrap each of them up in a blanket and tell them everything will be ok . 

   I was so excited to find out this author has written a book about a cowboy and ranch life . So I grabbed it and sat down and started reading , I was hooked instantly and couldn't put the book down. The characters are well written and like I said before they are my age . The female character is not a young 20 something whiny girl chasing an older man. Which for me is a breath of fresh air . I love reading stories where the couple is about the same age . Ok enough of me babbling about that . The story is relatable and if you have any ranch knowledge you know how hard it is . This is a fun, fast read that is hot and sweet at the same time . OH and did I say there is a puppy and horses.  So if you want a great summer read for the beach . This should be on your summer reading list . 

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