Wednesday, January 13, 2021


   Good day all , welcome to Wednesday, today I have the second book in the F my life series . BAD TO WORSE  by Plum Pascal aka HP Mallory 

                             BOOK BLURB

   I’m finally a transfer student at the Academy of Enchantment…

Except I’m miserable.
I miss everyone in Dread—Harlow, Jean-Claude, Riven and Griim. 
Now I find myself in the most beautiful place, surrounded by sunshine and nature.
Yet, every person I meet, with the exception of one, is cruel and rude.
Not only that, but my magic is acting up—I’m creating things I shouldn’t be able to create—twisted abominations. It’s almost like there’s… a stain on my magic.
All I can think about is returning to Dread, returning to the men in my life, but there’s another part of me that insists I have responsibilities here, responsibilities I can’t ignore.
But, when I get arrested for having possession of my golem, Riddle, everything I know will be turned on its head…

                      MY REVIEW 
   Everly is headed back to the Academy of Enchantment but she is miserable . The people she thought were her peers are just rude and cruel . She misses the friends she made in Dread .Harlow , Griim Jean - Claude and Riven . Not only that her magic is really starting to act up and all she wants to do is head back to Dread where she is wanted but her responsibilities here that she just can't ignore .But when things start to go from bad to worse will she survive and will she get back to the place that she can call home . 

  Everly and the guys are back . She is back and trying to be the good dryad . You really start to feel for her in this one . She feels like she just doesn't belong and people are not what they seem . You see her struggle with her feeling and her duties . We really get to see her realize that things aren't rosy in the place where she thought she belonged .  We  also get to meet some new characters in this book. Kingsley is one character . He seems like he is one of the nice guys but alas never trust the librarian even if he is a deer. My favourite character is Riddle he is so sweet as a familiar to Everly . He is just cute and yet so deadly . 

  I have been waiting for this book and was so happy when I found it , it was coming out . I just adore this authors style of writing . It is like talking to a really good friend when you sit down to read her work . I read this book in an evening and laughed and was on the edge of me seat most of the night .  I truly like these characters and love what the author is doing with them . This is a series that you can really get into . Check it out if you want a fun read that will have you laughing and worrying through out . Check it out it won't disappoint . 

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