Monday, January 25, 2021


  Good morning all , hope you are all staying warm and safe . Today is release day for the fourth book in the  Good to the last death series by Robyn Peterman . MY MIDLIFE CRISIS , MY RULES 

                             BOOK BLURB

     My midlife crisis. My rules. And if it doesn’t put me six feet under, I plan to live it up in style—possibly for the rest of eternity…

After a Luke Skywalker/Darth Vader moment, I discovered I do indeed have a father. He comes with a hell of a lot of baggage, but I’ve decided to keep him. Not only do I have a father, I have a kickass new sister, a ghostly family, and super powers to boot. If you add to the mix that I’m dating the Grim Reaper, it’s a freakin’ party.
The only thing standing in the way of my happiness is the Angel of Mercy, though Angel of Misery is more appropriate. She’s responsible for almost everyone I have loved, and who has loved me being taken away. With the help of family and friends, I will track her down and show her exactly what a perimenopausal hot flash looks like in action.
Job — Death Counselor — Supergluing ghosts back together and solving their issues is rewarding. For real. 
Mission — Bring the seriously evil Angel of Mercy to justice without dying or getting anyone else killed in the process.
Team — A bunch of certifiable Immortals, including one who re-homes vibrators. Yes, you read that correctly. 
How to do this? — Wing it. Wine, my Demon boyfriend, a houseful of deceased squatters, and good friends by my side will help. 
Midlife’s a journey. I will enjoy the ride. The crisis is happening whether I’m ready or not.

                     MY REVIEW 
   Well if Daisy didn't have enough on her plate , finding out her dad is an arch angel and she has an new sister . She now has to fight an immortal and bring the Angel of Mercy to justice . Keep her ghosts from getting taken .  She and her gang of immortals will take on anything that is thrown in their way . Hoping that they will survive . 

   Daisy and the gang are back with a couple more new characters and some surprises that will have you laughing your way through out the book .  Daisy is back and she is well she is having a bad week . She is growing in powers and now has to learn to fight . Which I must say is the funniest thing ever . Watching her try and take down the Grim Reaper . Well she wants to take him down but not in the way he wants her to . She is still snarky and sassy and kicking butt. Gideon is wow what can you say to a sexy grim reaper . He is tough but sweet and will go to the ends of the earth to save the people he loves . My favourite character is Candy , she is a crass as ever and just is oh so wrong but oh so much fun to read . I just love her . All the gang is well written and such fun to read . 

   This is a fun filled romp that had me reading well into the night. This is one of my favourite authors to read when I need a good laugh . She just has a way of doing things to her characters that will have you splitting your guts cause you are laughing way too long and loud . The story just keeps getting better and her characters get zanier and zanier .  This series is great cause all the characters are in the 40s and are written for women like me at that age where we want a good book that has characters with hot flashes . I can't wait to see where the author takes theses characters and yes you should read the books in order so you can get to know all them all and swoon a little and laugh a lot . I know you won't be disappointed check them out 

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