Friday, January 22, 2021


  Good morning all , woohoo it is Friday, I have a good book for your weekend . We are heading back to the social rejects syndicate and heading to Italy with MASSIMO by LC Taylor . 

                         BOOK BLURB 

   I’m next in line to become the Don of one of the longest running crime families in Las Vegas.

My job was simple.
Run Discoteca, the best hot spot in Vegas, and keep my brothers in line while my dad returned to Italy on a family matter.
Then she walked through the door, and that bolt of lightning shocked the hell out of me.
Madison was everything I never knew I needed, but someone is trying to use her against me.
Now, my only focus is keeping her safe and teaching those trying to hurt my family a lesson.
My only hope is that when she finds out who I am, she won’t walk away forever.

The tragedies of my past took everything I loved away from me.
Growing up in foster care, I never really knew what having a family was like.
If it weren’t for a teacher in high school, I wouldn’t be one step away from getting my business degree. But school costs money, and when I lost my job, I knew I had to find something right away or else I’d lose what little I had to my name.
I found myself on the steps of Discoteca, a club with an impressive reputation, and held my golden ticket to getting out of the dump I lived in.
What I didn’t expect on my job interview was him. Brooding, attentive, and sexy as all hell.
He is exactly what I didn’t need in my life, but everything I want.
I knew he came with baggage, I just didn’t know that he would come with a blood trail.

                     MY REVIEW 
    Madison was in her last year of college and working hard to get her degree . When she forced to make a decision . She needs to find a good paying job and get out of the dump she is living in . When the perfect job is dropped in her lap and when she walked into Discoteca she wasn't prepared to be swept off her feet by a foul mouthed sexy Italian club owner . Who has a secret that might tear them apart . Will she be able to handle his secret and will they be able to survive the people that want to hurt them and will they be able to handle the family. 

  Ok what do you say about a foul mouthed sexy Italian . Who in one moment can melt your panties and in the next second take a life . You call him Massimo and he is the head of the Anastasi holdings in Vegas and is being groomed to head the family . He is sexy and oh so alpha but he can do soft when he needs to. Madison well she is sweet and honestly kind of naive  about some things . She does harbor some secrets and we do see her grow and become a very strong woman .  We also get to meet Massimo's brothers who we get to see the glimpses into their lives . 

   I sat down and started reading this book in an evening . This is the first book I have read from this author and liked what I was reading . The story moved fast and the characters are well written .  I enjoyed the action and the attraction between the lead characters but I also felt like the whole insta love , virgin story line has been over done so much . I would of loved to see more push back between the main characters . I just felt that kind a felt flat. Oh don't get me wrong I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to see where the author takes the characters through out the brother's stories . I enjoyed this book and if you want a sexy fun book check it out . 

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