Wednesday, June 30, 2021


  Good Wednesday all , hope you are all surviving the heat . Today I have a new author and her dragon book . FLAME AND FORM  book one in the Draghans of Firiehn by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson, 

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 When Brienne intervenes on behalf of a draghan, a wild, fire-breathing beast from the realm of Firiehn, she only means to save the creature from a fate worse than death. What Brienne doesn’t realize, however, is that this monster is cru-athru, a shapeshifter capable of transforming into a man, one whose very presence heats her blood like draghan fire.

                          MY REVIEW 
     Brienne is running and hiding as she tries to get away from the man and the world that has done nothing but hurt her . When she comes across a dragon that has been hurt and been captured she wants to save the dragon from the fate worse then death . Things totally change when she finds out that this dragon is a shifter who is lost from his realm. With the help of her familiar she will get this man who lights a fire in her very soul back to his own realm . 

  This is a sweet twist on the dragon shifter book. We have two characters that are well written and complex. Brienne is haunted woman she has been through so much in her life . She is strong and fierce but also very scared . She is a warrior and will fight those that took two years of her life away from her. Dorran is a Draghan and is in a world that he doesn't belong in. He is sexy and sweet but there is something haunting him also . They are a sweet couple and they can over come anything . 

  This is the first book in a two book series . I sat down and started reading and was sucked in right away. The characters are well written and you will fall in love with them .  I would classify this story as a fantasy that weaves a great world. You feel like you are transported into the story and are fighting right along Brienne and Dorran.  I read this book in an evening and had a blast reading the book . I can't wait to read the second book in the series . So if you want a good fantasy book to add to your summer reading list this is one you should add .

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