Monday, June 28, 2021


 Good morning and HAPPY RELEAS DAY to Linda Thomas - Sundstrom and her new book LIGHTNING WOMAN part of the Wolves of the West series 

                             BOOK BLURB

 Are the ghosts of Macy Lyons' past stronger than the promise of a future with her new lover?

Macy Lyons is a respected member of the wolf pack housed in an old Arizona tourist attraction. Her special Were abilities make her a good scout, and also enable her to see the ghosts that haunt the desert. When those ghosts lead her to a visiting lawman from another state, she must find out why...and if those ghosts have a hand in shaping her future.

Florida detective Logan Carter has chased a criminal all the way from Florida to Arizona, and now can use the help of the secretive wolf pack housed at Desperado to find the crazy werewolf he seeks. But will his attraction to Desperado's beautiful she-wolf scout be a help or a hindrance to his mission in a landscape so different from his own?

                         MY REVIEW
  Macy is a respected member of the wolf pack in the Arizona pack . They are based out of a tourist attraction in Desperado. . She is a tracker and good scout she also has a special ability to see ghosts . When a cop from Miami shows up on her door step she has to know the reason why and why she is so attracted to this man .  Logan has chased an insane wolf from  Florida to Arizona when he needs Macy's help . Will they be able to work together or will the pull of the attraction hinder the work that needs to be done. 

  Omg I seriously think that Macy and Logan are my favourite characters in this series . Macy is a strong woman who is confidant in herself but there is also an underlining sadness to her . She seems a little restless when we meet her. She knows there is more out there but she does not want to leave the pack they are her roots . She has an air about her that she is stronger then she lets on and she is one tough cookie . She can also see the ghosts of her ancestors which help her out so many times.  Now lets talk about my man Logan what can we say about him. He is strong and sexy and oh so lovable. He is  tough talking detective who is also a werewolf .He is on the job but we get to see his protective side when it comes to Macy . They are such great characters and they are well written and complex . 

  This is one of those books that once you start reading you just can't put it down . The characters will have you enthralled by the end of the first chapter . They are so well written and complex . The story moves at a fast pace and the author  takes us on a journey with twists and turns . There is a romance going on between the two main characters and you can feel the heat jumping off the page at you . Trust me you will feel the heat between them . Oh and there is a twist at the end of the book that will have shedding a tear or two . I love the twist on the werewolves this author does . It is  refreshing change to the werewolf story .So if you want a great story for your summer beach read check them out . You will not be disappointed at all 

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