Tuesday, June 22, 2021


   Good morning everyone, today I am taking you back to the Magic and Mayhem universe for a set of new books . Today I have DEMONS ARE FOREVER by Marianne Morea 


                   BOOK BLURB 

   What's a demi-demon to do when the Queen of all Witches decides you're her new it girl?

I'm Linzie Hellborne. A black leather wearing half-demon/half-witch neither side of my DNA wants to claim. I guess that makes me the perfect candidate for a covert mission to Bumfuck Bayou. An armpit in the middle of the swamp where nefarious activities have caught the attention of the Goddess. Or at least that's what the queen of all witches, the Baba Yaga, AKA Carol, believes after she and her buddy Roy Bermangoggleshitz ambushed me at my BFF Tabitha's wedding. My mission? Uncover the source of the shenanigans and report back. Tabitha warned dabbling with my dark side was dangerous. But I don't know which is worse, heading to a swamp to trap an illegal blood ring, or that my cover requires that I wear pastels. Either way, I'm headed to Mosquitoville to catch a different kind of bloodsucker. Care to come along?

                     MY REVIEW 
 What is a demi demon to do , I am LInzie Hellborne and welcome to my hell . When the queen of all witches wants you to head to Bumfuck bayou on a covert mission. Thinking that being half demon and half witch makes me the perfect candidate to head this up . So off to the bayou with the man who well basically broke my heart . The queen of the witches and her husband all to uncover a blood ring . Way out of my league especially when this girl wears black leathers and now i am stuck in pastels . Help me and let me get out of this alive . 

 Ok I love these characters, they are well written and complex . Linzie is a half demon half witch who sometimes has trouble controlling the demon side of her . She is sassy and right to the point sometimes but she only wants to belong and loved . Daniel is part demon and is a really nice guy actually . He may be cocky but underneath he is a sweet heart that just wants to be with the one he loves . Baba Yaga and Roy are back and funnier then ever . Baba is in an 80s state of mind in this one . I love these characters and love reading them . 

  This is such a fun book to read , I have never laughed so much . The characters are so well written and you will love to hate them . The author has great fun writing the characters . I sat down and read this book while tanning outside. It is a fun fast enjoyable read . I laughed so had throughout the book . This is a great addition to the Magic and Mayhem series . So if you want a fun read for pool side check it out . 

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