Thursday, September 23, 2021


  Good afternoon everyone . today I have the first book in a brand new series by VJ Lee. BLAZE'S JO ( Sister Jo book one )

                           BOOK BLURB 

   DeeDee Christensen never had a family of her own, and it made her feel like she didn't fit in. She had a successful business where she had a calming effect on people, making her upskilling business a massive success. The side effect of that was she had everything money could buy, including a fricking jet. But all her money couldn't buy her love. Then, she went to work for Mountain Brothers Inc., where she met the king of one-and-done, alpha-hole, and beautiful bastard, Mr. Blaze Sanders. She never thought she'd fall for him, or that she'd be thrown into other worlds.

Blaze Sanders hated doing his time in the human realm around people, but he loved doing their women. So, working for Mountain Brothers Inc. did have some perks. However, he had a critical mission to complete for his world, instead of babysitting humans. Then, DeeDee walked into his office. She was beautiful, full of life, and made him forget his sinful ways. She had a calming presence, which, combined with her intoxicating scent, scared the hell out of him, because he was falling fast and hard for her. Hell, he couldn't fall in love, because he was, in many ways, spoken for. Should he throw caution to the wind and whisk DeeDee away on his private jet, or should he complete his mission and return home to do his duty?

With DeeDee distracting him, the human realm and several others were headed for destruction.

Would Blaze see what was right under his nose, before it was too late?

                     MY REVIEW 
 Blaze Sanders well he is a god in so many ways , sexy , demanding and never wanting to bed the dame woman twice but he is also much more . He is also is a defender of a realm and is out to find his mate well not really looking hard until the moment that he is summoned back and told to find the sister of peace . When Dee Dee walked into his life and the sent of her drives him crazy . The woman is driving him to distraction and there is more to her then he realizes . When they find out will they be able to keep their love alive or will others get in the way . 

  Omg these characters are amazing , so well written and complex . Blaze is such an alpha , he is oh so sexy and has a swagger that will make woman swoon . There is more to him though and we really get to see him at his best and his worst . I really love him and how he is really tortured soul. We also get to meet a few more of the Mountain brothers and can't wait for their stories . Especially Othello's story . Dee Dee just wants a family of her own, she has never had a family , she is an elegant woman who is strong and also really loving. She is really feisty and tough when she wants to be . She is truly a really fun character and she really can dish it out when she needs to.  These are some fun characters to read and trust me you will fall in love with Blaze and the other men . You will love Shay and Dee Dee cause they can take care of themselves but let the guys help out . 

   This is one of those books that you will get into by the end of the first chapter . You will love and hate Blaze at the beginning but grow to love him as the story evolves . The author took us on a fun filled ride . You will laugh, cry and be on the edge of your seat . I truly like this author's writing style . I can't wait to read the rest of the books in the series . This would be a great read for those cold fall evenings as you curl up with a glass of wine and a warm blanket . So check it out and add it to your fall reading list

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