Monday, September 27, 2021


 Good morning my peeps hope your Monday is starting off great .  It is time to start thinking about Halloween and all the great books that are out. Todays book is a novella from Hp Mallory and J.R Rain. THE BLACK CAT COCKTAIL CLUB ( book 8 in the Haven Hollow series )

                            BOOK BLURB 

 The women of Haven Hollow aren’t your typical forty-something singles. Poppy’s a gypsy who creates potions, Wanda’s a witch, Fifi’s a succubus, Libby’s a zombie, Darla was once a ghost but now she’s corporeal and Bailey’s a medium.

When they find themselves forming an unlikely friendship over potion-brewing and booze, Wanda decides their impromptu group needs a name. But, somehow, ‘Flushed and Forty,’ ‘The Haven Hollow Hoochies,’ and ‘The Witchy Winos’ aren’t exactly cutting it.

When Hellcat, Wanda’s feline familiar, starts stealing sips of various libations, Poppy tries to bat him away and accidentally knocks an experimental potion into her drink. Seizing an opportunity, the cantankerous cat immediately swallows down Poppy’s beverage and… vanishes!

As soon as they realize Hellcat is no longer in the house, it will become a mad dash to try and find him in order to reverse whatever magic Poppy inadvertently subjected him to.

And somewhere along the way, they just might find a fitting title for their boozy bunch.

                        MY REVIEW
  The girls from Haven Hollow whipping cocktails and potions . Wand and Poppy are trying to have a girls night when things just get out of their hands . When Poppy drops two potions on Hellcat he starts disappearing reappearing all over town . Now there is a race against time to find him and cure him. Will Wanda ever forgive Poppy and will she have a new opinion of Hell cat.

The girls are back and funnier then ever . Wanda is just as moody as ever and Poppy well she is so sweet . I love these characters so much . They are well written and complex . I love where the authors took Wanda from hating on her familiar to actually loving the furry little guy . Most of the Haven Hollow are back in this book helping to find Hellcat. Which adds such funny twists every now and then in the book.

this novella was once in an anthology but the author expanded and had the characters running all over. I read this book in an evening and laughed so hard . I felt sorry for the poor cat being popped all over the place even though it was his fault for drinking the potions . Its a fun filled girls night out book that will have you thinking of your next girls night out. So if you want a fun fast read check it out you will have a laughing good time . 

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