Monday, October 24, 2022


  Good morning all, hope your weekend was good. My weekend was perfect for reading. So, I finished the second book in the Crown of lies series, THE ASSASSIN IN THE CASTLE by Hp Mallory and J.R Rain. 

                           BOOK BLURB 

  When Master Nicolo realizes his mother is still alive, he tells me I’m to join him on his quest to locate her.

This little adventure will give me the perfect opportunity to assassinate him—something the prince eagerly reminds me of.

Yet, I’m torn…

Even though I’m not supposed to get feelings for my targets, I can’t help but think I’ve grown a bit of an attachment to Nicolo.

Yes, he has a rough exterior, and yes, there are times when I wish I’d already accomplished my task, but there are also moments when he reveals something deeper—someone kinder, someone nobler, and someone even funny.

Regardless, I’m well aware that I have a job to do, and the time to do it is dwindling away.

But once we leave the walls of Woodfall Gath, just the two of us, any fondness I might have harbored for Nicolo only grows, especially when he reveals a side of himself I didn’t know existed. In fact, I’m fairly certain even he didn’t know it existed.

Regardless, I have a decision to make—to kill Nicolo or not to kill Nicolo.

And if I don’t kill him, could we have a future together? Or is our future doomed because everything between us is built on nothing but lies?

                        MY REVIEW
  When Nicolo finds out his mother is still alive, he is on a mission to find her. Charlotte is asked to go with him. When they leave Woodfall things start to change for them, fondness grows between them and when they find his mother things change for Charlotte and Nicolo. They find themselves being more open and slowly start to fall for each other. Nicolo shows a side of himself that will just melt anyone's heart and Charlotte falls deeper for him but she is at odds she does have a job to do. Will they be able to keep their love alive or will the job and the king get in the way. 

  This is the second book in the series and we dive into more of the essence of the characters. Nicolo is such a big character it is nice to see his softer side. The side that can fall in love and care for someone. We totally see him change once he finds his mother. He is a happier calmer man who you can't help but fall in love with. You also see a change in Charlotte she becomes a sweet girl who is in love with a man but she is also fighting what she needs to do, she doesn't want to do it. You see her wrestle with what she wants and what she has to do. These two characters really grow in this book I really loved the softer side of both of them. We also get to meet Nicolo's family which they are all very sweet and they really know how to love each other. 

  This is one of those books that when you sit down and read you will be transported back to a time of kings and knights. I love that we get to see a part of the characters that have them showing their softer sweeter sides.  The authors take us on a sweet adventure. I hope that the third book has us on the edge of our seats so many questions that need to be answered and agendas that need to be cancelled. Check out this series if you love mystery, intrigue, and romance. This is a slow burn book that will have you turning pages and reading all night long. A great read for you winter reading 

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