Wednesday, October 12, 2022


   Good morning peeps hope everything is good for your Wednesday. It is release day for one of my favourite authors. FIRST MOON by Linda Thomas - Sundstrom 

                          BOOK BLURB

   In the secret war between humans and werewolves, Jonathan Baird and Nikki Reese are natural enemies.

Born to be a werewolf hunter, Nikki sees all Were as her enemy. Though Jonathan’s job is to keep watch on rogue werewolves and the hunters that threaten the secrecy of his Were existence, he secretly lusts for extraordinary hunter Nikki Reese.

When a hunt goes bad, Jonathan’s decision of whether or not to help Nikki threatens to rock both sides.

Can passion bring the two rivals together... or will old loyalties win out in the end?

                   MY REVIEW 
   Nikki is born to be a werewolf hunter and really just sees all werewolves as the enemy. Until that fateful night where things change. Jonathan's job is to watch out for rogue werewolves and take them out before they expose them all to the humans. When Nikki is attacked by one of those rogue wolves Jonathan is torn between helping Nikki or keeping his secret. Will they be able to overcome the loyalties or will the passion between overcome and bring these two together. 
  Nikki, I am thinking is going to be my, new favourite character. She is strong minded kick butt woman who knows what she has to do. Things seem to be going great she is keeping tabs on the wolves until the night where things go upside down. Now she doesn't know what to think or do. She is fighting for her life literally and she doesn't know who to trust the dashing werewolf there to help her or the hunters.  Jonathan is well he is a werewolf who has been tracking Nikki watching her and well basically keeping her safe from the rogue wolves. He is well he is just sexy and sweet in his own way but like all heroes he is conflicted should he just watch Nikki and not get involved or get involved and let the chips fall where they may. Jonathan and Nikki are hot together and the sexual tension between them is palpable.  
  This is one of those books that maybe short but it sure packs a lot into that one story to have you reading it in one sitting. This series is set in Miami and the author uses the city as a backdrop for the well written characters. I truly enjoy aspects of the city that entwined into the characters also.   I love this series so much the author as a way of making you part of the stories and her idea of werewolves are different and very inventive. So, if you want a story that is full of adventure. steam and sexy men check it out you will love this series. I promise you will like this series. A great read for your fall season.

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