Tuesday, October 4, 2022


 Good morning my peeps hope you had a great Monday. Today I have a new book by Lynn Burke FINDING THEIR PLACE . 

                             BOOK BLURB

 I’m secretly in love with my best friend.

He’s everything I want in a man—loyal, an affectionate cuddler, a roommate who cleans up after himself. And don’t get me started on how mouthwatering he is in a pair of gray sweats.

But he’s gay and can’t give me what I crave.

The dating app Missing Link focuses on polyamorous relationships, and since my cousin found two lovers, I set up a profile and cross my fingers.

I expect to find narcissists, the manipulators and liars I despise and always attract, but a bisexual man who intrigues the hell out of me pings my inbox. We have an instant connection at first chat.

The problem?

He catches my roommate’s eye too.

I want to share my koala with the man who seems too good to be true, but lies are uncovered, and identities get called into question.

Will our tangible bond stay strong, or will old wounds rip us from the place we thought we found in each other’s arms?

                         MY REVIEW
  Haley wants it all , she is in love with her roommate and best friend but he is gay. So she tries to find someone on the MISSING LINK app , they cater to the polyamorous community. She wants what her cousin has two men that can love her for her. When she finds the sweetest guy in the world. Wyatt walks into their lives and turns it upside down. Both Garrett and Haley, will they be able get past the hurts of the past to have the love that they deserve or will the past tear them apart. 

   Ok lets talk hot men and the woman who loves them both. Haley is a sweet woman who is haunted by her past but she hides the past hurt well. She is feisty with a touch sweetness but she also battles depression which sends her down a dark path sometimes. Garrett is her best friend who actually has a secret crush on her even though he is gay, He is always there for her like a knight in shining armor but he has a sadness around him that you can feel when you are reading him. Wyatt is a sweet man who is just wanting to be loved. He is Blaine's boos and you will love him. He is a hardworking man who is hiding a dark secret from his past. You will love these guys and cheer for them to finally be happy.  

  This is one of those books that you will devour in one sitting, The characters are well written and complex. The author really shows the emotions on trying to find each other and keeping each other as you fight your demons. There is such a sweet romance that goes on throughout  the story and there are also some really hot scenes between the three of them which I will say are very hot. I did find that some of the story felt like it was like another story the author wrote. It just felt a little slow at some points throughout the book. Don't get me wrong I truly enjoyed the story and can't wait to see what happens to the next couple. So if you want a hot MMF story check it out . 

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