Tuesday, October 18, 2022


  Good afternoon peeps. sorry I am late with my post today it has been busy around here. Today I have for you the second book in the Wolves of Valhalla series. WOLVE OF WINTER

                            BOOK BLURB 

  When Torsten disappears into Fyrcat’s flames, I can only wonder if I’ve just watched my boyfriend die…

Overcome with worry, I do the only thing I do—I go into the flames after him.

And that’s when I find myself stuck in a land of giants—bloodthirsty monsters that would kill me as soon as look at me.

Luckily, I meet Dwarf, Brisingr, who not only helps me against the giants, but also helps me battle a pack of demons.

Meanwhile, Torsten’s brother, the Viking Beserker, Skarde, is left behind with the witch, Fyrcat. And, shockingly, he can’t seem to help his attraction to her. But, of course, he knows he shouldn’t trust her…

Meanwhile, the war between the gods continues, something which has brought eternal winter to the earth. Not only that but also a legion of the undead…

Stuck as pawns in a game caused by Freya and Odin, I can only hope my friends and I survive their wrath…

                        MY REVIEW
 When Torsten disappears in Fyrcat's flames, the only thing Jovi does what any good girlfriend do, she dives in after him. Where she lands in a land with giants. that will kill you just as soon look at you. When she meets up with Dwarf Brisingr who becomes her protector and friend. While Torsten is fighting his way out his brother is left behind with a witch Fyrcat and he is fighting his attraction for her. The war between the Gods is raging on with the army of the undead and an eternal winter on earth. They are caught up in the war between Freya and Odin. They can only hope to survive the wraith.

  Jovi and the guys are back and better than ever. Jovi is kicking butt and taking names in this new world that she landed in. Jovi is a complex woman who knows what she wants and has some great chemistry between the other characters. You really get to see the intense feeling she has for the men throughout the book. Torsten is back and he is out for blood trying to get out the alternate world they are in. I love the complexity between each character throughout the story. Their destinies are entwined in such a way that will have you loving them. 

 This is one of those stories that have you snuggled down and reading all night. The characters are complex and you will love them. The authors have really painted a great backdrop for these characters. I couldn't but book down. I really got invested in the story and if they would come out alive or not.  I love Norse mythology, so this is one of those series that has it in spades. Check out this series you won't be disappointed,  Check it out . 

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