Thursday, March 27, 2014

After reading all the dark book lately . I needed a change so I decided to read a sweet romance
Yes I said a sweet romance . So here is the review for ADAM'S AMBITION EMERALD SPRINGS
by Monica Tillery

Life in the small town of Emerald Springs, Washington, is anything but slow and peaceful. An old feud between former business partners Whitman and Sanders keeps competition on a high burner, fueling resentment, renewing rivalries … and love. Now someone is trying to bring down Emerald Tea Farm, and it’s up to both families to protect their future while still wrangling over the past.

Oldest son Adam Whitman never planned to take his place at the helm of the family business, and he’s living the life he always wanted. When his father asks him to come home to consider his options, he reluctantly leaves his high-powered job in Los Angeles and heads to Emerald Springs, determined to help his father make the transition to retirement and quickly get back to his own life. What he didn’t count on was the pull of the one person he’d left behind to chase his dreams.
Getting over Adam was the hardest thing Zoe Miller ever had to do, and she’s in no hurry to do it again. She’s focused on her new life running Emerald Springs’s finest bakery, and she’s finally put the heartache of losing Adam behind her. When he rolls back into town, she knows it would be wiser to
keep her distance from her high school sweetheart, but some things are easier said than done. A
broken heart would be more devastating the second time around, but can she resist the lure of the man he’s become
  This is the first book in the Emerald Springs series. This is Adam's and Zoe story.  They were in love with each other from high school. But Adam had bigger ideas. He went off to L.A to start his career and left Zoe behind. As she waited for him but he never came back. When his dad calls him Adam coms home to help his father transition into retirement. He tries and hides from Zoe but his mind and his heart have other things in mind. As he sees Zoe for the first time at the warehouse on his fathers tea farm. The flames ignite and he starts to realize that maybe his life is here with her.
  Zoe on the other hand has hardened her heart to the gorgeous Whitman boy . well now man. He not only hurt her once but twice. Promising to come back to her. He isn't going to get into her her heart this time or will he. She is part of the family having dinners with them and them treating her like a sister. Even though Adam was no longer in the picture.  As they start to work their way back to each other. It is such a sweet way . You can't help but get the warm and fuzzies when they kiss for the first time again . Or when they finally end up in each others arms . You kind a want to cheer for them and say finally 
   There are so many sweet moments in this book between everyone. You feel the closeness of every member of the family. They love each other so much and it radiates through the pages. The way the story is told , it weaves a tale of betrayal of young lovers. The mystery of what is going on with the farm and love of coming together of two people that are destined to be together . The only thing that  was wrong with this book . Is that it ended way too soon for me lol. I haven' read a good sweet romance in awhile so I devoured this book and so can't wait to read the prequel and then book two in the series. So if you like sweet romance books with a happy ending read this book you won't be disappointed .

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