Tuesday, March 18, 2014

so many books so little time it seems this month

Good Tuesday everyone , hope your week is going great. Mine has been going pretty good . Except I think my mind has finally exploded. Yes I admit it. I had a rogue book that was on my list to read . I couldn't remember where I got it from. I also review for three other blogs , and I couldn't remember where I got this book from. Well I went through all my reading lists on each blog . It wasn't listed on any of the sites. Then after about 3 hrs of hunting and pecking around . I realized that I got this book from NETGALLEY. For my blog review . Boy was I relieved cause I thought that I was loosing it . Or someone was sending me books that  I didn't thank. I never thought that this would happen to me but alas it did. Hubby tells me to slow down and take a break from reading . I just looked at him and laughed . Ok you are telling me to stop reading , is like telling me to cut off my right hand , And hubby I know how much you love my right hand. So, don't tell me to stop reading.  Then I get the stink eye look and he walks out of the room. So he will not be telling me anytime soon to stop reading . LOL
  Ok on to the review of the day  STRONGER by Lexie Ray

Jasmine had all but given up on life after a rough period of time defined by a string of physical and sexual abuse. Drugged. Sold. Betrayed. It’s at rock bottom when she meets the man who might be able to save her from everything — including herself.

Nate King is a writer, young, compassionate, and good-looking. He’s drawn to Jasmine immediately, offering her a place in his home — and heart. He makes it his mission to take care of Jasmine and help her let go of the pain from her past.

But what Jasmine doesn’t know is that Nate is living in his own private hell. When his secret is revealed, will their love be strong enough to survive it all?

*Adult content warning. This story is not suitable for readers 18yo and below.

UPDATED: Reformatted for an easier reading experience.
 I found this book on a friend's facebook page under free books. I grabbed it just for an extra book to read. Glad I did. Poor Jasmine has been through the ringer. Her mother was a drunk and her step father abused her horribly ,after her mother died. She runs away and ends up in a night club / brothel , where the poor girl is horribly abused again .  Where she is raped by a sadistic man and ends up back on the street as she runs away. Only to find some peace at a family who take her in. But that doesn't last either , with nowhere to go she finds Nate King , who offers her , his home , his heart , will she finally have happiness .
  Lexie Ray really puts her characters through it . Poor Jasmine has been and seen it all . In her young life. You just want to hug her and hold her tight. She just is so young and to have what happens to her , you wish on no one. The abuse she gets at the hands of her step father will make you cry and outraged all at the same time. You can almost feel each slap and burn . The tears will fall . As you turn page after page. You so want to cheer her on to find her happiness and to find love. When she finally does. Your heart will pound a little faster because Nate is so sweet and so loving. You want them to be together for ever, But Nate does have his own secrets.
 This is the first book in the runaway series , I can't wait to read the other girls stories . How they come from the abuse and hell to come out the other side.  I put the boxed set on my tbr list and my wish list. That is how intrigued I was with this free book . It is still free if you want to check it out.  If you are like me and love characters that are dark and broken , this is a good book for you, So give it a try .

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