Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Good Wednesday to all of you out there, hope you are staying warm and keeping off those roads . Today my author shout out goes out to Jill Prand . I found this author through a friend of mine . Her first novel . WATCH ME WALK AWAY  was released in 2013. Her second book WALK INTO ME was just released this past February . The story involves Brad, Lisa and Bobby. 7

"I know I will never get over her. Watching her walk away with him ripped my heart out and left it bleeding on the floor. But I can’t hide anymore. I have to face my life without her." --Brad

Brad has been in love with Lisa for as long as he can remember. One night years ago they took each other’s virginity but while it was the best night of Brad’s life, for Lisa it was a way to forget about Bobby. Or was it?

Brad re-emerges right when Lisa needs him most. Only Brad knows everything about her and when Lisa’s insecurities come to the surface the shoulder Lisa needs is Brad’s. Now Brad has to decide if he has it in him to trust his heart.
  The second book in the Walking Series. is from Brad's point of view.  Lisa is so torn between Bobby the man she can't get enough of and the best friend that she walked away from . Brad has gone away to repair his heart from when Lisa walked away from him and into Bobby's arms. But he can't miss his best friend's birthday. So he comes back just in time to celebrate her birthday and watch Bobby leave her again. Lisa is very insecure. she knows she wants Brad but she also wants Bobby. So when Bobby leaves for another mission. Lisa leans on Brad. Who wants to be there for her but he doesn't know if he can handle another heart break . Will they survive and will Lisa figure out who she really wants to be with.
     This book had me yelling at my kindle. I actually called Lisa selfish cause she is insecure about what she wants. First she want Bobby, well who wouldn't want Bobby. Then she is all over Brad , her best friend . You kinda just want to slap some sense into her. She needs to make a decision, I was screaming at my kindle. Now I only scream at my kindle. When I am invested in the characters. Lets just say I was invested in the characters , especially Brad. This poor man has been in love with Lisa since they were kids. Lisa just always thought of him as her best friend and confidant.  He had his heart broken for so long by Lisa. He can't let her hurt him again , if he can help it. I had some strong feelings for Bobby . I thought he was very arrogant and cocky. He is the true alpha and has this pull on Lisa. He is constantly breaking Lisa's heart when he leaves her. When he leaves for the last time. She leans on Brad for comfort , support and love.  But when Bobby was lost and presumed dead, I felt tears rolling down my cheeks.
  Jill wove a tale of love and insecurities. The characters were all broken in some way. I really wanted Brad and Lisa together. Trust me I was spitting mad at Bobby. Leaving her yet again. But towards the end of the book my attitude of Bobby changed and changed big time. I understood why he left and what he does. We also know that Lisa will never totally love Brad .
  You become so involved with the characters Jill has written. That is the sign of a great story writer.
Trust me when you pick up this book and the first book. You will be in for a roller coaster ride of epic proportions. You will want to slap Lisa , cheer for Brad and want to rip Bobby's clothes off. I will warn you there is a cliff hanger at the end of book two. I so can't wait for book three .I want to know what will happen to these characters. So if you want to check out the WALKING SERIES by JILL PRAND . You won't be disappointed .

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