Friday, March 21, 2014

its friday

Good morning all . Its Friday woohoooo. I have an awesome book that went live yesterday . LION'S DEN  by Marianne Morea

A Man Looking for his Past
Ryan Martinez never passes up a challenge. Not as a cop and not in the bedroom. So when asked to help find a missing girl it’s business as usual, except this case is as far from usual as any detective can get—unless that detective is a sexy, half-blood Were. More than blood and honor hang in the balance as supernatural rivals look to him to resolve the mystery, but time and recent truths twist the facts of past and present in a conspiracy that runs deeper and closer to his heart than ever imagined.

A Woman Running from her Future
Commitment isn’t exactly Emily Leighton’s strong suit. Forced into fight or flight at an early age, running has been her survival tactic for half a decade—but living for the moment has taken its toll on the pretty Were, leaving her unprepared when a certain detective rocks her world to the very core. So what does she do? She runs. Only now their paths have crossed again in a place where they must rely on each other to survive. This time she has no choice but to face him and trust her heart.

Unexpected Partners.
She’s the one who got away, something he’s never been able to forgive or forget. He challenged her defenses ‘til she pushed him away, concealing her heart. Can the two get beyond their past and work together while battling a passion still seething beneath the surface? Or will their combined history lead them into a future neither expects?
  This is Ryan's book. I have been waiting for this book for awhile. Ryan and Emily are a fiery couple.  Ryan is a no nonsense police detective that will get the job done . Emily Leighton is the sister of the alpha Sean, She has ran away from a lot of things, even her feelings for Ryan.  So when Ryan is enlisted to help finding a missing girl , he along with Sean ,Lily and Emily help out. But as they start out, Emily and Ryan have to work together, will they get past the hurt and find out that they are suppose to be together and will Ryan find the secret that has Emily thinking of running again
   I really liked this story very much, Ryan is one hot alpha in the making. He is strong and deadly , he is also half were lion. We find out a lot about Ryan and his back story. He finds his clan this book. His love for Emily is strong , but he was hurt and we can feel it in the story. The introduction of the vampires from her Blood Legacy books are weaved perfectly into the story. Having Remy searching for the missing girl , Julian's mate. Also we find out that Remy is such a tortured soul.
  Marianne weaves a tale that will keep you reading until late into the night. You will turning page after page. The characters are so lovable, The men are alpha , strong and they know what they want.  The women are also strong and can fight right along side the men when trouble hits them.  I had tears in my eyes in a few scenes, Marianne wrote the most beautiful wedding scene  at the beginning of the book. You feel like you were an invited guest and seeing the wedding up close and personal. There are a few scenes in the book that will bring tears to your eyes , because of the love that is being shown. So, if you want to read a book that will make you cry , laugh and want to slap a character or two upside the head. This is the book for you. The series is for you . So check it out . Its a great series ,

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