Thursday, March 20, 2014

holy my head is about to explode from all the dark alpha men running around my brain

Wow this has been a week of dark , broken characters. I have been reading such dark books lately . It feels like all the alpha males are running around in my head wanting me to read their stories again and again.
     There are so many great authors out there that I have found that are writing such heart wrenching characters. Characters that  are broken and just wanting to be normal. These characters really get to me . I can't help but fall in love with those broken alpha men. Who only want to be loved but don't know how to love back.
 The books that started me down that path way was PEPPER WINTERS. I will tell you right now I could have a girl crush on this woman. Why you ask. Well if you haven't read any of her books you really need to.  The tales will suck you in. Tears of Tess sucked me in so hard I had to read more . Her stand alone book Destroyed almost did me in. I know she has two new books coming out The third book in Tess and Q's story, Twisted together, and indebted a new book with a new sexy alpha man.
    The next author I so could go fan girl on is Pam Godwin, her books are also so dark and character driven. She also takes you to the depths of hell and back . Her newest book Deliver had me screaming at my kindle almost every second page.  Her characters make you feel everything. They maybe long books but once you start reading them you will not put them down.
   Now I know you are probably wondering why I am talking again about these authors. Well I find that they are the best at  writing the hard dark characters. . You all will have your favorites, but these are two of mine.
There is a new author Lily White that I will be fangirling over as soon as I finish reading her book. Which was banned from amazon . She is also going to be up there with Pam and Pepper. the ladies like to make you do the ugly cry . I hope I didn't offend anyone these are my opinions and mine alone . I know everyone has their own ideas of what they enjoy .

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