Thursday, July 24, 2014

Good Thursday all

Well today has been fun on the farm . Have you ever tried to write blog posts between power outages well that was me today . So here it is Memory Zero by Keri Artur .


For Sam Ryan, life began at age fourteen. She has no memory of her parents or her childhood. In a decade of service with the State Police, Sam has exhausted the resources of the force searching for clues to her identity. But all mention of her family seems to have been deliberately wiped off the record. Everything changes the night Sam’s missing partner resurfaces as a vampire . . . and forces her to kill him in self-defense. Now Sam is charged with murder. Suspended from the force, and with no one left to trust, Sam accepts some unexpected help from Gabriel Stern, a shapeshifter who conceals startling secrets.

While investigating the circumstances surrounding her partner’s strange behavior, Sam discovers that Garbriel’s been involved with a dangerous organization that’s planning a war on the human race. More immediate, someone is guarding the truth about Sam’s past—someone who’d rather see her dead than risk her knowing too much. To stay alive, Sam must unravel the threads of her past—and find out not only who she is but what she is.

    This book had me hooked from the very first chapter. This is the first book in the Spook Squad series.  There is so much going on in this action packed book. You are thrown into the action from the very first page. Sam is on the hunt to find her partner and when she finds him , she is thrown into a world of vampires and werewolves and two different sides wanting her. While she is investigating her partner she meets Gabriel who ends up trying to figure out who and what she is. Cause there are things that Sam can do is see things normal people can't and do things that normal people can't do. He works for a very dangerous organization , that is trying to stop the war and save the humans. But there is more some one is holding all the secrets to Sam's past and she needs to unravel the past to help save her in the present.
  This action filled book is set in the future where vampires can walk in the sun and there is a impending war that is going to take place. You get action from page one. You as swept away trying to figure out who are the good guys and who are the bad guys . It took me awhile to figure out some of the characters allegiances . You think they are a bad guy but turn out to be a good guy. It was awesome to try and figure it out. You also try and figure out who or what Sam actually is , cause she is more then human but not vampire or werewolf . Also you want to know why she is really important to both sides of the war. Everyone wants her but she doesn't know why. You really get invested in these characters. You want Sam and Gabriel to be together, There is some sexual tension there, I wish they could of done more but I guess running for your life doesn't bode well for sexy time . Don't get me wrong, I am all for romance and being swept off your feet. But, when you are constantly getting blown up and shot at . Sex is usually the farthest thing from your mind. I do hope that they do get to get busy as the series goes along cause Sam and Gabriel and hot together .  There are some great secondary characters in the book as well. At one point you are thinking is that  the real person or is it a clone . I was like is this the real person or the clone . It was great . All the characters are written with such complexity and detail , you could think of them as your friends.
    I just wish that it could of been a little longer, it was a very fast read for me. Before you ask, yes I did get a book hang over from reading.  Nothing that 3 cups of coffee couldn't cure. The twists and turns had me reading well past my bedtime. Kerri Arthur can sure write the action and adventure book. She just transports you away to a different place and time and sucks you in for the long haul. You laugh, shed a tear or two and get angry at your e reader. Those are the best book in my opinion.
  So if you want a book that will keep you reading well past your bed time  and give you a book hang over . This is the book for you . So get your reading snack and your favorite beverage. Find a quiet, comfortable spot and start reading . I promise you won't be disappointed . A great summer read for the hammock of those long lazy days . Can't wait for the rest of the trilogy

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