Monday, July 7, 2014

we are back to regular scheduled book reviews of THE NIGHT SHADE CASES

I think I am back on track after last week's preemption for a author interview . I am back with my weekly installment of the NIGHTSHADE CASES . STOLEN is the third case .

Unfortunately there is now book blurb for this installment so I will just dive right into my review


  Well let me just say Patti Larsen is rocking this series of books. She is taking us deeper and deeper into the world of Gerri, Ray and Kinsey. Things are getting good. There is another murder, this time a couple in a well off neighborhood. Looks like a spell gone bad but as the girls work it . It seems like there is more going on then meets the naked eyes. You can start to feel the strain between the girls as Kinsey is working on the symbols and the murder is getting to Gerri. Oh yeah for some reason Jackson is being a little bit nicer , since Gerri beat the snot out of him. but he still is a jackass. Which I love cause he just riles the girls up and you just don't know what is going on in his mind. Is he a good guy or a bad guy. Is there more to him then just being a detective. Is he a supernatural or just arrogant. If you read I would love to hear what you think about him.
  This book is taking us down a darker path, you wonder where Patti is going to take us. It seems with every murder solved the more questions that pop up . The tension is high in this book and Patti can write tension filled scenes. I am loving this series . Well I imagine this as a tv series playing in my head as I read it. It reminds me of a darker version of my favorite tv series. Rizzoli and Isles . They remind me of the characters of Gerri and Ray. We just need to add a Kinsey . I know I am digressing here . Ok back to my review.
    I will warn you if you want to read I would start out with the first episode and go from there. This story does have some elements from the first book . So don't get frustrated read the first book and go from there. I am thoroughly enjoying these books. They are just a great escape and you will get sucked in from the very first page of the first book. There is kick butt women in this book. Which I am very happy with , if your like me you want a variety and these girls have it in spades. So please take a chance and read this series. There is a new episode every two weeks. It will become your new favorite show . Great summer read .

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