Tuesday, July 15, 2014

welcome to your weekly case in THE NIGHTSHADE CASES

Good Tuesday everyone. Well today is a great day for me . I reached over a thousand likes on the blogs Facebook page. I was shocked when I woke up and saw that . I was also a bit humbled by the fact that I had such great people helping me out. Getting the word out there and well lets just say pimping my butt out to anyone that wanted to  read a little blog like mine. Without the book loving people out there like me . This blog would not be happening so HERE IS TO EVERYONE OUT THERE THAT LOVES TO  READ A GOOD BOOK AND LOVES TO FIND NEW BOOKS . CHEERS YOU ALL ROCK . I COULDN'T OF DONE IT WITHOUT ALL OF YOU. My heart is humbled and I am eternally grateful . Thank you

 Ok today is our weekly installment of THE NIGHT SHADE CASES . SHELTER by Patti Larsen

When a woman’s tortured body is discovered in an abandoned warehouse, Gerri and Ray can’t help but think it might be a weird case. With Jackson Pierce stirring trouble against them, can they solve it without Kinsey’s help?

Welcome to The Nightshade Case, a novella series of twenty-one episodes. Please note: this episodic series is based on the television show model, with screenwriting notations and shorter formats. There will be a complete mystery each week, with cliffhangers only occurring in the full season story line.
This is episode 4 in the series. Things are getting really intense in
Silver City. The installment is concentrating more on Kinsey. She is struggling very hard between the desire to crack the symbols that seem to keep appearing everywhere she goes and the desire to let it go cause Gerry is wanting her to. She is also trying to fight the feeling that Simone has been influencing her and putting a wedge between her and the girls. She is just in so much turmoil.
 Then there is Gerri who is also  fighting to keep her, as the girls call it . weird side under control. She is in denial and it is starting to put a strain on her and the relationships between her and the girls .
 We also see Ray and her struggles with what is happening and I know there is more to Ray then anyone thinks. I so can't wait to read more about her. She is still a big mystery in all of this .We know that she can see the illness that people don't know they have, That makes her a great medical examiner but a lousy girlfriend . There is also another woman thrown into the mix now Cici Panther , Gerri's therapist. We met her last episode. This episode she plays a bigger part. So much that she open herself up to the old powers of her people to see the weirdness that is happening in Gerri .
Then things start to get dark from then on in. Oh yeah and besides all of the weirdness going on there is a murder of woman to solve ad a human partner who's ass really, really needs to be kicked by someone . Just all in a days work for theses ladies
   Patti did it again. With each episode you are taken to a darker  place. Her characters are so complex and layered . They are written with such a intensity that you can almost feel them. The twists and turns the series is taking is great. Reading past my bedtime yet again. There are times while I was reading this chapter , I wanted to just hug Kinsey, she is so driven and wants answers but is also torn that her friend Gerri won't believe in her . It just made me sad when Kinsey was sad and fighting so hard . I also wanted to punch Jackson in the face . He is really starting to creep me out . Why I just don't know but I do believe he has something dark that he is hiding . Ok yes I admit I do get a little invested in the characters. Like I said before reading these books is like watching your favorite crime show on t.v. The author sets it up like that. You can imagine each scene in your mind . As you read each scene. If this was a t,v show it would be on my watch list. So if you want a great series that will be coming out all summer long Check out the NIGHT SHADE CASES by Patti Larsen

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