Friday, July 4, 2014


HAPPY 4TH TO ALL MY AMERICAN FANS. Hope you all have a great weekend and stay safe and don't eat too much barbecue. Today we are going to review DEAD GIRLS GUIDE TO STYLE  ( Hadley Wilds Book 1) by Rose Pressey

Hadley Wilds is one stylish vamp. As a personal stylist to the undead, she's on a mission to help every vampire in Savannah, Georgia find their signature style. (Fashion tip: red hides blood stains.)

Max Dupree is her latest client, but Hadley soon discovers finding the perfect suit for Max is the least of their problems. Max's life isn't the same since his recent resurrection from the grave. Life is completely different from how he knew it back in 1884.

But Max isn't the only one with problems. Things have changed for all vampires in Savannah since his return. If Hadley doesn't figure out why bad things are happening, finding fabulous accessories will be moot. It could mean permanent death for every vampire in town.


What can I say I love Rose Pressey, her books are well written they give you a great giggle along with a cool and different story each time. Let me introduce to Hadley she is a stylist to the undead and a vampire. She has a stylish clothing store that caters to the vampires that have just woken up. She brings them up to date with today's fashions and helps basically become part of the human world. Life in Savannah is just well its Savannah. Life is just going on until the day she meets Max Dupree and is swept off her feet , and into a mystery . He is a newly awakened vampire with a shroud of mystery around him. As they try and figure out what is going on . They become closer. But time is running out and they need to figure out what is threatening all the vampires in Savannah.
   I simply adore Rose Pressey, her books are always a delightful read. Her style differs from each book she writes. The characters are always well written and will keep you in stitches. They always end up in some fun filled mystery, that will keep you giggling all night long. Just the premise of a stylist to the just awoken vampires is cute all on its own.  Watching her try and find the perfect outfits for them is hilarious.
  I really loved Hadley and Max they are meant to be together. I admit it I had a little book crush on Max all tall dark and brooding. It also made me want to help him out cause he doesn't remember a thing. Hadley has had it hard when it comes to men. She just can't seem to find one . That is why they are so good together. They are very complex and just want to be happy
.  The using Savannah as a back drop is different , not a lot of writers won't use Savannah for some reason, too hot maybe. The author also takes to some of the sites famous in Savannah. 
 There are so many twists and turns in this book. I suggest that you find and comfy place to settle down and some snacks and a good glass of wine when you start reading . Oh yeah also don't let anyone interrupt you while you read. Cause you will be upset if some one does. Cause you will not put this book down.
   This is the first in hopefully a great series . If you like quirky characters and a great story to go along with those characters this is the book for you. It will be a great beach read for those hot sultry days at the pool or those lazy days in the hammock . So check it out if you dare . I was happy I got it .

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