Tuesday, July 22, 2014

good tuesday everyone

Good Tuesday everyone . Hop you are having a great day and are reading lots . So today is the review foe LOVE WITH EVERY BEAT BY KL Shandwick.

"Alfie Black has everything he needs to pass scrutiny as a rock star. He’s a drop dead gorgeous specimen of a man. Rough around the edges and still flawless to look at. Alfie is a jaw dropping, pantie melting, tattooed bad boy. Add tall and athletically toned with a fabulous face, eyes and smile and it’s easy to see he’d be going places. Ticking most of the boxes required as the lead singer in a band, the last part of the equation many not have mattered much. However, Alfie is an incredibly, talented singer and musician. Women want Alfie. Men want to be Alfie.
So gifted , Alfie is given opportunities to progress both as an artiste, with his band Crakt Soundzz, but also share to his passion and pass his knowledge on to others at music college. Alfie’s journey in life should be going in one direction, but his sole focus is on taking care of his responsibilities.
Circumstances in the background dictate what he needs. And what he is willing to accept. This is something he isn’t willing to compromise on. Focused and determined, the last thing Alfie needs is a distraction. What Alfie wants and what is happening in his life are poles apart, but he is determined to keep going no matter what. For now, it he thinks it’s enough. That is, until he meets Lily, the English girl who arrives at college to study music in Miami.
Lily is Alfie’s equal in many ways, musically gifted, stunning and in a different league to any girl Alfie has ever known. She is focused and driven. Single minded about her one passion in life. Music. The only thing Lily has ever wanted in life is to play and play well.
When Lily’s journey crosses Alfie’s life path, what ensues for the both of them is a complex ride of emotions and feelings. Neither of them, despite all of their combined attributes are equipped to deal with. Alfie is emotionally locked down, both from past experiences and his current situation. Lily is sexually naive and inexperienced. When their world’s collide there are far reaching consequences for the both of them, which neither expected. How can Alfie and Lily be together? Alfie shares his thoughts, feelings and emotional conflict in his story."

  This story is Alfie's point of view. It is great reading a book from the main male character. It seems like it is always the female point of view . So this was a refreshing change of pace. The story revolves around Alfie and Lily.
 Alfie has it all the looks and the talent to take him places in the music world. He is working hard with his band, going to music school, Every woman wants to be with him and every man wants to become him. He is a very strong willed guy, who has a single mind on music. Enters Lily girl from England, who has come to Miami to study music. Lily is driven with music just like Alfie. There is one thing in her life that she has wanted to do is play and play well
  When they come together there are sparks but there are also problems in both their pasts and when they collide there are far reaching effects for everyone .
  the author does a very good job on writing from Alfie's point of view. She takes us through all the emotions and questions that one man has. She also doesn't set the whole story around the two mani characters. There author brings in various relationships around the characters . Which to me adds to the whole concept . I have read books where it is just based on the main couple. The other characters are just window dressing , Not having much to do. But not with KL 's books all the characters are a part of the story .  The relationships make the book seem more real and adds to the sexual chemistry to the couple also. Love the way that music is an big part of this book, there are also some very hot smoking scenes and I loved them all.
  This is book is a blend of love, romance, music and self exploration. That will take you on a very emotional rollercoaster ride. It is full of angst, raw emotion and love . Which will make you laugh, cry and actually scream at your kindle. You will fall in love with both Lily and Alfie . You want to hug Alfie well ok you will want to throw Alfie on the bed and have your way with him but ok I digress. This is a long book but once you get started you wont want to put it down . So get comfy, grab you favorite spot and your favorite snack. Then settle down to read. Trust me you will have a book hang over after you have finished the book. Great read anytime

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