Thursday, July 31, 2014

good Thursday all

Good Thursday everyone . Hope you all are having a great Thursday all. Today I am reviewing DOUBLE HER PLEASURE  by Tanya Sands . This is her debut novel

Miranda "Randa" Michaels has just about given up on love. With the moving in of two very attractive men next door, Randa thinks no way would either of them be interested in a full figured woman like her. She's in for a surprise when she is pursued by not one, but both men.

Chase and Jack have been friend for years. They share a love of animals and women, particularly full figured ones. So much so that they prefer to share. They hit the jackpot when they move next door to Miranda Michaels and become her co-workers all in the same week.

Can she overcome her past experiences and open herself to the love of not one but two men?

18+ due to sexual situations
 This is Tanya's debut novel and I was honored with reading this book before anyone else. I was doing a happy dance around the living room. When I found out this book was about a curvy girl not one but two hot sexy men that want her.
  Miranda has given up on love, men don't want a woman who isn't all skin and bones. She is a lush curvy girl . She is surprised when two hot men move in next door. They couldn't keep their eyes off the curvy girl next door. They both love fuller figured women and they shared. But Miranda can't get over her past to let these two men love her, the way she needs to be treated .
  HURRAH FOR THE CURVY GIRL. We need love too. Tanya's debut novel is hot , her characters are well written and real. Being a curvy girl myself have found it hard to be a sexy woman. Men for some reason think that a bag of bones is the ideal of sexy. So us bigger girls take a back seat . Just like Miranda. Trust me I had every insecurity that Miranda had in the book. But just like in the book it takes the one special or in Miranda's case two special men to make her bloom into the hot sexy woman she is. Jack and Chase omg they are hot and sexy and so in love with Miranda , making this girl happy cause I had a huge crush on both of them as I was reading. Especially cause they were vets and loved, loving Miranda.
       So when I was asked to read a debut novel , I will tell you I was a bit nervous. But as I started to read  I was taken away. Tanya's characters are so real and the story line is so well written . You feel like you really get to know all of these people. They are so great together. The way the author writes the pain of past hurts and trying to get over those pains. Is so revelent in today's society. She makes us think and love each character as if we were living it . The way the Tanya writes is so raw and real.
 If this is her debut novel I can't wait to read the other books. If you want a great summer read that will leave you with a smile on your face and cheering for the curvy girl in all of us. Then this is the book for you . Check it out this is going to be a great late summer read .

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