Thursday, September 11, 2014

good morning world HAPPY THURSDAY

GOOD MORNING EVERYONE I am having the time of my life right now. My facebook page dedicated to the blog has hit over 2000 likes so throwing a big party on October 4th. So having fun getting authors together and scheduling their mini take overs . Also reading up a storm. Have so many books coming down the pipe. Might have to hook up with some awesome reviewers.
So todays book is THE WAYEVIL DOES (the first book in the Eisenbrey trilogy:) By Amara Draska


Rebecca Reis considers abandoning her career as a novelist until she begins writing about convicted serial killer Thomas Eisenbrey.

Nicknamed the Hunter because of his penchant for targeting groups of hunters in the forest, Eisenbrey is the worst kind of psychopath. He is crafty, aloof, at times possessing a charm that is almost hypnotizing, and he’s wheedling his way into her mind.

As her interviews with him in the Washington State Penitentiary progress, Rebecca finds herself having feelings for the last man in the world that she should, forcing her to ignore her attraction to the detective who is also vying for her affection. But when the Hunter escapes, she worries—who will he hunt next?
  I was so excited when I got this book. It has everything a little bit of romance a hot detective a psychopath killer named THE HUNTER who is rather dashing and charming but also very crafty. He is slowly getting into the mind of Rebecca the reporter sent to interview him. She is sent to the State pen to interview him and as the interviews progress she finds that she is starting to fall for the debonair killer But there is also the very hot detective that also wants her. But she is scared that when the hunter escapes who will he go after and will she live to see another day.
  The author takes us on a ride that will end up reading all night long. This has a romance, serial killers , murders and a twist of paranormal. The characters are so well written . You feel for them and start to care for them. I must admit I did like Thomas even though he was a serial killer and probably
want to stab me to death. He did kind a get under your skin while you read.
  I didn't think that all the aspects would work but it did. Even the twist of paranormal . It does and trust me you will be drawn into hell and back and yes there is a cliff hanger but not a big of one that will make you scream. This book will keep you up all night reading. Hope you are ready for a big book hangover.  So check out this book and check out the great story lines characters and wonderful plots. I promise you will not be disappointed

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