Monday, September 15, 2014

my interview with Paut Blake Romance cover model

 Well today is a great day going to chat with Paul Blake.
 A very sweet tattooed romance cover model and he is going to answer some questions. Well at least I hope he will answer questions. This man has the sexiest bedroom eyes. And he reminds me of a teddy bear that you just want to cuddle up with.

 Well Ladies guess who just sat down. Hi Paul welcome to my interview.
  Hi thanks for having me, it’s great to be here.
I know it is early, but thank you for making it . Are you ready for some fun.
 Laughing sure bring it on.

1 Tell the ladies a little bit about yourself?
My name is Paul Blake I'm 33 yrs old born in California but raised in Arizona since I was about 3 years old I'm a cellphone tower technician and have been modeling for about a year now

2.What made you want to become a cover model
 It was never actually a goal of mine to become a cover model but when the opportunity came up I jumped all over it I got hooked up with an author that goes by the name of t h snyder and did my first book cover with her I've done an additional for other book covers and I like it is fun to me in a way to get a little bit of extra money

3. How many covers have you done and have you ever had an embarrassing moment while doing a shoot?
 I guess there’s never really any embarrassing moments when you're naked in front of someone that you just met for the first time to do a sexy photo shoot but most of time I'm pretty comfortable with the way I look when I'm nude so I just try to keep it easy and professional

4. I love a man covered in tattooes, how many do you have and do any of them have a special meaning to you.

 A lot of people ask me how many tattoos do you have it's kind of a hard question to answer considering I am tattooed from my wrist to my shoulders and back and it's all tied together not to mention the tattoos I have on my legs I have to say easily over a hundred I love getting tattooed it’s a way to express yourself and I like the looks I get when I'm out in public lol.

 I would have to say my most meaningful tattoo is a heart I have above my left nipple actually over my heart and I have mom written there she's always been a huge supporter and I love her so much
5. Tell us what your perfect date would be like. How would you romance the woman in your life? All the ladies want to know. Let's see here a perfect date it would probably have to be something that started out very physical and sweaty I don't like to be with a girl who doesn't like to get dirty maybe we can do some rock climbing even if it was indoor or kayaking. After that we would meet up for a very romantic dinner where we would engage in good conversation and really get to see if there was chemistry there maybe have a couple glasses of wine or knock some shots back whatever they prefer lol then go back to my place put on some country music where I would then offer a free massage and see if that took me anywhere lol

6 what attracts you to a woman.
 What attracts me about a woman more than anything is independence and drive I like a girl who likes to get up get out there and get things done on her own we all need help at some point in time in life so is good to partner up with people and handle problems together but a girl has to be able to do things on her own as far as physically I love beautiful eyes and a girl must have straight teeth and a good personality as far as height and weight all that can vary.

7 now on to a lighter subject. Love the clothing line you model for. Where can people buy it?
 As far as the clothing line that I model for there's about 8 different ones somewhere in California Florida Texas in Canada also based out of Arizona if you go on my Facebook fan page you can see all the clothing lines I represent and they are links to purchase some of the clothes
Now I am going to put you on the hot seat. Trust me I will be gentle with you. Laughing or will I.

 Let's see here definitely love a hot cup of coffee with some vanilla creamer in there or maybe hazelnut not a big fan of tea so defiantly coffee

 I'm definitely the kind of guy that likes wearing trunk fit briefs I have pretty big legs compared to the size of my waist so don't like too much hitting them I can only go commando for a short period Of time.

 My favorite way to relax would have to be laying in my bed with some good movies and pizza with hot wings and just resting in being lazy I like doing that every once in a while not having a care in the world and eating till I fall asleep lol

 don't read many books but one of my favorite books I've read before in the past was called the swan song by Robert Mc Cammon I'm pretty sure that was his name anyways

Country music, I love country I can listen to that all day long.

My favorite dessert that's an easy one it's always been and always will be some cheesecake I love cheesecake I could probably sit down and eat a whole one right now I'm a fat kid at heart and I love and appreciate good foods especially cheesecake.
Cheesecake is always a good choice I don't know many people that don't like it .lol
Last but not least do you have a Facebook page the ladies can go and like. Sure do you can find me here
Thank you Paul for taking some time with me today , had a blast getting to know you.




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  1. Awesome interview! I am in lust!!! Thank you