Wednesday, September 3, 2014

welcome to hump day wednsday all

Good morning all welcome to hump day Weds, still feeling like a truck rolled over me but I am surviving . Had a lot of time to read while on my back trying not to die but I digress. Today's book is

A vicious sex crime on a luxury cruise liner brings private maritime investigator Brick Morgan face-to-face with an old flame—and a deadly terrorist plot that threatens an entire fleet of cruise ships. Morgan must stop the radical fundamentalists, but his attempts to alert the FBI and Homeland Security run up against a political battle brewing between American loyalists and an American president whose weak stance on terror opened the door for this series of chemical attacks by radical religious insurgents. The United States government readies to sink the Matisse to protect the populace from the attack and bury the truth about the severity of the ongoing War on Terror. Meanwhile, Morgan and his specialized team—a seductive female security chief with her eye on Morgan, a belligerent ex-Gurkha looking to sabotage the investigation, and a mysterious and exotic computer hacker—are in a race against the clock to track the radical fundamentalists and break down the clues left by a perverted Peeping Tom crew member, an Islamic zealot seeking revenge, and the machinations of Washington DC politicos. Political intrigue, forensic clues, and Brick Morgan’s personal and professional histories collide in a bullet-ridden climax, forcing him to choose between the life of the woman he loves or the lives of thousands…
 Well first off I have never been on a cruise and honestly after reading this book I don't think I will ever be going on one. Who knew what went on in the bowels of the ship as everyone else is sipping their drinks and having a good time. The people who work there are living in cramped little cubby holes that just aren't safe to live.
  Meet our Hero Brick Morgan a private maritime agent. He is on the ship because of a violent sex crime. But he soon comes face to face with his old flame . There is also a terrorist plot brewing on the ship and he has to  solve the case and save the ship and his love. He fights everyone up to the president. No one wants to help him, so it is up to him and his team to stop the evil that is about to go down. Will they stop the attack and will he save his old flame , You will just have to read . Yes I know I am evil but that is part of the fun .
  The author takes us quite a ride as we read this book. You follow Brick as he works through every clue and how to stop the terrorist. These characters are so well written an you want to cheer for the good guys and want to hurt the bad guys , and the bad guys are really really bad. Mr Anderson takes you to the bowels of hell at the bottom of the ship as you see the way the workers stay while not working.
  This is a fast paced book for me , I have a bit of a book hangover from this book. It is fast paced and I sat on the edge of my seat most of the way through this book. Mr Anderson takes writing the mystery to a new level. There is so much going on but you don't get lost. The author will get you from point a to point be with lots of twists and turn. I am very happy I took the chance on this book. I t makes me want to read his other books. The plot is well written and it moves so swiftly you will forget where you are and be transported to the cruise ship. I mean I so don't want to take a cruise anytime soon because of this book . It did freak me out a bit but that is what any good book does.
 So if you want a great mystery to read with a bunch of twists and turns this is the book for you  so give it a chance . You won't be disappointed at all

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