Friday, September 26, 2014


Good Friday morning everyone. Hope you all are ready for the last weekend in September . where has the time gone. Today I get to review POWER PLAY by Marianne Morea

Tough as nails, Mitch Paris trained with the best, earning a place as second-in-command to the Alpha of the Brethren. Rissa Leighton survived sickness and an unhappy marriage until the fates brought the two of them together. Never one to give up a fight, it's now Mitch's turn to take the lead as alpha of his own pack, but after a ten year absence he returns home with Rissa to the Canadian Northwest Territories to find more than just the landscape has changed. A Blood Challenge has been issued, and not only must he prove his worth but past intrigues raise questions about his future, his new family and a murder that could change the course of their life and love...
 I was so excited to find out the Mitch and Rissa were getting their own story. I admit that I had a book crush on Mitch fro the other books. He is the second in command and Sean's right hand man. But when its time for him to take control of his pack in Northern Canada. Mitch, Rissa and the kids move up there. But things aren't what they seem , Things have gotten bad and both Mitch and Rissa have to prove their loyalty and worth to the pack.
  I fell in love with Marianne's books when I read Blood Legacy, I fell in love, Carlos will always be my first love but Mitch comes in second. I know you are laughing, but you have all done it. So I don't judge . Ok enough babbling about hot men and back to my review.
  Marianne loves to take us and put us through a wringer and come out the other side. She doesn't disappoint us in Power Play, there is intrigue mystery , oh yes and the romance. Her characters are so strong. Alpha males all the way. The women in their lives are even stronger and loving to their men.  But don't be fooled by these alpha men. They have their tender sweet side, the best scene was when Stephie hugged Mitch and called him daddy for the first time. I had tears in my eyes it was so sweet.
  Marianne loves to take us to the edge and back, her books are packed full of great characters that you will love to hate. You see that sometimes the characters do the wrong things  for the right reasons.  She also loves to give a book hangover, because once you start reading you will not put down until you are done. I was done in one day. She also paints a great picture of northern Canada and the Native ways and traditions . Which being a Canadian girl I was proud of. lol
  So if you want a great novella to read this fall. Pick up POWER PLAY. Marianne will not disappoint you at all .

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