Thursday, September 18, 2014

happy Thursday all

HAPPY THURSDAY all. Its been a busy couple of days on the farm. Its weaning time and there are tears an whining all over the place oh and there  is a lot o whining going on in the barn also. But I did get a lot of reading done. Today's book is actually a first for me . AS YOU WISH by Cathy Jackson

Daniel Templeman is an accomplished actor with three wonderful children. The only thing missing in his life is his wife. She was taken from him too soon.
Elizabeth Seraphim is a woman running from the loss of her husband. She and her children move to a new country, hoping for a fresh start. Her children and God are her world.
A chance meeting in the rain could give them both everything they didn't realize they needed. A trusted confidante for Daniel and a new possibility for Elizabeth.
But can Daniel let go of his anger with God and let love take its place, and can Elizabeth trust her future to a man who doesn't believe?
This is the first Christian romance I read. I must tell you it was very good. The main characters Elizabeth Seraphim and Daniel Templeman , both have had tragedy and a loss of the ones they love
Elizabeth lost her husband and Daniel lost his wife both way too soon. They meet in the rain and they find something that they both crave .They fall into a sweet friendship with the possibilities of more  if only Daniel could let go of some hatred .
 Cathy takes us on a very emotional romantic journey in this book. She is a mother and a he love in god keeps her grounded. But as with most strong women she is running from the pain and heart break of a tragedy, Cathy wrote a very strong character when she wrot Elizabeth. She has taken a beating and comes back stronger. Daniel is also a very strong character that has instant chemistry with the whole family and wants to prove to Elizabeth that he his the man for her. they go through ups and downs but you never know what God has in mind for you
  This was a tear jerker for me , I cried almost all the way through this book, There is some very real and raw emotion going on through out the book.
Ultimately this book is about hope, love and redemption. The hope of a faith in God and that he will be there to guide you, finding that one person to love and be loved by and redemption of a persons faith. The way it was written was so sweet and honest. thank you Cathy for writing such a sweet and loving book.

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