Thursday, September 4, 2014

good thursday everyone

Good Thursday everyone, Today's book is MERICILESS LOVE (a dark romance) by Nicole Snow


The name's Evan Cole, and I deserve to burn for what I've done.

The girl with the rocking body I saved yesterday believes I'm some kinda hero. You'd think she'd recognize evil after staring it in the face all her life, but with me, Cassie's completely blind.

She doesn't know this house is a prison. She doesn't know the cartel's got my son. She doesn't know I'm a selfish, desperate, pissed off imposter, and I'll do anything to get my boy home.

Dealing in flesh is nothing new. Remorse is a word I never learned. Turning her into a new toy for the savage blackmailing me should be a cakewalk.

Except it isn't.

There's a deeper, crazier part of me that starts to blaze whenever I see her. I just can't shake these insane fantasies about hauling Cassie to bed and working out the pain, the rage, the insatiable lust, claiming her as mine and nobody else's...

No! I need to forget all that and get on with this sideshow. I can't go soft. If I do, the whole world's gonna crash down and bury everything I've ever cared about.

Note: this is a very dark and gritty romance novel about heartache, redemption, and really hot loving. Bad boys and desperate girls do the kinds of things you'd expect. Merciless love holds back nothing!
  I started reading this book thinking it was going to be a take off  of the other dark romances that I  have read lately. The alpha man with a dark past taking a young na├»ve girl and breaking them and then falling in love with them It was like that but it had a twist that I wasn't prepared for . Evan Cole was taking and training women for the cartel. The reason he was doing this was that they have his son. Evan would do everything to get his son back. Even break the one girl that had gotten to him,
Evan is willing to do anything . He has gone from hunter to hunted as he tries to get his son back.
  Cassie has been abused by her preacher father for her entire life. The day Evan found her . Cassie was being beaten to a pulp by her father on the side of the road. He knew that she was the one that he needed. As he stole her from her old life. He didn't realize what would happen when he got her back to his place They found each other in the darkness that was her breaking. But will they survive the idea of Cassie being given to the Cartel head to be tortured and killed. Will he get back his son. and will everyone survive
  This is one real gritty dark story, The author takes us on a trip to hell back to love and redemption. The characters are very well written and are so raw. You feel the pain that Evan is going through. It rips your heart out, At one point you want to knock him upside the head and the next moment you want to hug him tight to you and take away his pain. Cassie is one female character that has gone through hell with her family. She is a fighter and will fight for everyone she hold dear, They are opposites but when together they are hot,
  This is an fast paced book the author doesn't have very much down time between scenes. There is love, lust . fear and hostility. You will be thrown for loops as you read this book. The author puts a lot of blood sweet and tears in every scene, You will love and hate the characters . There are so many grey areas yes hit man do have scruples and hearts underneath the hardness. You see what the deaths a person will go when family is threatened. So if you like a gritty dark romance take a chance on this book

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