Monday, September 29, 2014


Good Monday morning everyone. Today we are going to review DEATH SONG episode 8 in the NIGHTSHADE CASES by Patti Larsen
  Yes we have kind of been on a hiatus from this series for a couple of weeks but I am back and ready to review for you.

A Blues singer is in trouble when the men who come to listen to her perform start dying. But, are they the real targets, or is the woman with the voice of gold the one who should watch her back?

Welcome to The Nightshade Case, a series of twenty-one murder mysteries. Please note: this episodic series is based on the television show model, with screenwriting notations and shorter formats. There will be a complete mystery each release, with cliffhangers only occurring in the full season story line.
 What can I say about episode 8 besides the fact that Patti blows our socks off yet again I am in love with this series . The books can be read in a couple of hours but they are packed with action and intrigue. You can't wait to see what happens next.
 In this episode we see Kinsey break away from the collective and they are not happy about that one. We also find out so much more about the different types of races there are there. Things are starting to fall into place for the girls, The story becomes darker and darker.
 Patti does and excellent job of writing all these characters . They may be strong but they also have the vulnerability that makes them so likeable. I find that there are so many shades of grey in the characters and the bad ones may do something bad just cause they need to .
  I can't wait to read episode nine which is out now too. Patti is now my favorite author for serial novellas. So if you like reading fun books that have strong female characters that kick some ass on a regular basis  These are the books for you, so check them out

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