Friday, September 19, 2014

welcome to friday and we are having a guest reviewer today

Hey all today is Friday the beginning of the weekend. WOOOHOOOOO ITS FRIDAY. Today's books come from Ashleigh. THE LONELY BOY the second book in the Lonely series by Tara Brown

This is the companion novel to The Lonely. It is recommended you read that first. This is HIS POV on the events and how they came to be, how he came to be a LOST BOY.

Being the boy who accidentally shot his sister was hard.
Never being able to find the girl who actually pulled the trigger was worse.
Convinced, through years of relentless therapy, that she was a figment of his trauma and imagination, Eli Adams gave up on her existence.
Until one day a name, bearing remarkable resemblance to the people missing in his life, showed up out of nowhere.
Suddenly he was thrust into a journey that forced him to offer up his soul as payment for the truth.
What he discovered along the way, was that the girl who took his sister's life and his hand, all those years ago, had become the thing he needed to be whole.
Saving her was one thing.
Healing her was another.
Convincing her to love him will be the toughest part of it all.


Author warning...

This book is not for everyone. It is the book for the people who can see beauty within flawed and disjointed people. It is for those who can enjoy a well rounded story. Loss, pain, joy, hope, and god knows what else I've crammed in there. Let's not forget the depravity.
Like I said in the warning on The Lonely - This is a dark and captivating novel, tread lightly. It is not for the faint of heart, but for those able to see beauty past the breakage.
I could not wait a minute between putting down book one and starting book two, I just had to know more about Eli. I had to see his path and understand it all.
Eli is just as broken as she is, only they sent him away to be “fixed” his rich parents couldn't deal with losing his sister and having only part of him come home to them. They believed him to be delusional and guilty of killing his sister when this girl he spoke of could never be found. Only now he has found her. Saving her will break him all over again. And loving her will destroy  everything he is. Can she love him after the way he saved her?
I don't want to include even the smallest spoiler in here, I will say that this is an amazing conclusion to the story we started in The Lonely and needs to be read. The raw emotion and utter brokenness of the characters in this story will rip your heart out over and over, but you wont put it down you will sit and read to the end. Then you will wish for more.
I will give Lost Boy the same five star rating I gave book one, I wanted it to have more than book one because i enjoyed it that much more but five is all they will give me.
This is an Author I will now be looking out for and definitely reading more of.

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