Monday, January 12, 2015


Good Monday all, hope you are getting a lot of reading done during unbelievably cold snap that has us all staying indoors. Today we are going to review THE ICE CREAM WAR the mystery of hot fudge and murder by Paul Janson.

A mystery of rival ice cream shops in a small town in middle America. Jerry, a California surfer, returns to his home town and opens an ice cream shop where he is giving away his ice cream. This threatens Mary owner of the only other ice cream shop in town with disaster until there is a murder in Jerry's shop. Mary find herself reluctantly trying to prove that Jerry didn't kill anyone, although she thought of killing him to save her shop, and Jerry ends up working beside her in her ice cream shop. The plot continues to become more and more complicated as Jerry's friends from California show up carrying drugs and threats. Between the "war" and the murder things are getting as sticky as fudge in a hot July day with four year old murders adding to the mystery. Soon it looks like Jerry and Mary will be the next victims if they are not arrested by the DEA first.
 Well who knew that owning an ice cream shop could be so deadly. This book had me turning pages from the very start. It is a light hearted murder mystery with such an oddball cast of characters . Jerry the California surfer dude , who comes back home to open an ice cream shop. Mary the owner of the rival ice cream shop which has been there forever . They become friends after someone is murdered in Jerry's shop.
As Mary helps him find out who murdered the poor guy . There are other cast of characters that keep coming into their life from California bringing drugs and death. So as they race to find the murderer they have the DEA on their tails . Will they get arrested before they find the suspect.
  I absolutely adored this book and you are wondering why. Well the author wrote such quirky down to earth characters. They are down to earth and so relatable. You have two old friends that are now rivals in the ice cream business and then are thrown together. They do have chemistry and you really hope for a little bit of romance or at least let them combine their business. The friends of Jerry are the friends that you know we all have but don't want to admit it . Those friends that are bad for you but are as funny as hell when they are around . I like the way the author has used everyone in town. He didn't leave out anyone but it didn't read busy.
  This isn't your normal who dun it murder mystery. This is a light hearted quirky murder mystery. You will be shaking your head trying to figure who the murderer is and trust me I couldn't figure it out until almost the end. Which in my opinion is the way a mystery book should be written. You will laugh and I mean you will really laugh.  So if you like a mystery story with a little bit of home spun lighthearted humor. Check it out , you will not be disappointed . I recommend this book to all .

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