Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Good morning everyone

Good morning world, we are now 6 days into January and I hope that everyone has their reading challenges ready for this new year. I know I do and already knee deep into them. So will have lots of exciting books coming out this year. Today I am reviewing MOONLIGHT LOST  by Sabrina Archer


The pain of loss and the many secrets she kept from me would alter my life and heart forever. I just wish I would have known what was coming.

Jayde Thomas is a seventeen year old high school senior who is uprooted by her sorrowful mother after the tragic death of her father. She is made to believe that her mother's intentions are a result of her effort to evade memories in their home town.

Everything progressively proves to be more than they seem, as her life is ripped into shreds and she finds herself thrown into a world she doesn't even know exists.

After her mother is taken from her in a car accident she finds herself seeking comfort from strangers who are seemingly familiar. Suzanne and Bently prove to be valuable in her survival and teaching her to manifest her newfound abilities. With each passing day, Jayde finds herself falling for the very one who can answer all of her questions.

Just when Jayde thinks she understands her new life she learns the unthinkable, her best friend, Scarlet is taken by the one person she should be able to trust. Jayde is devastated to learn of her true history and becomes driven to save Scarlet from the grasp of her birth mother. Along with the help of some unlikely allies, Jayde faces the ultimate challenge, defeating her power hungry mother and save her best friend. With each new person she meets she learns more and more about her past as well as the true depth of her connection to Scarlet. Bently is by her side each step of the way with their affections for each other maturing rapidly.

With the help of her newfound family and the powerful Elder Council, Jayde is victorious in defeating her mother and seeking her revenge, but is what she sees real or is this just the beginning?

  This is my first YA book of the year. And what can I say about this book. It is a sweet book which introduces us to a you witch, who doesn't know she is a witch.  Jayde is a seventeen year old, who is reeling from the death of her father and a mother that is determined for them to move. Jayde thinks that she wants to move to get away from all the memories of her father and the tragedy that has happened  Boy was she wrong , they move and Jayde keeps running into a green eyed stranger. Which at the beginning she doesn't think she saw him because one min he is there and the next he is gone. Until the day that her mother is run off the road and killed . Ok now what is a girl going to do she has no parents and this green eyed stranger shows up and tells her that when she turns eighteen . She will receive magical powers . But there is a catch, there are people out there that want that magic and will do anything  to get it. So what is a girl to do? She finds her new family and gets the help with the magic. Oh yeah save the day and her best friend Scarlet, from her power hungry birth mother and also fall in love with the boy who is there for her.
    This is the first book in the series and the author did a very good job. This is a sweet young adult paranormal book.  There is magic and a very sweet romance , the first love.  Bently and Jayde as such sweet characters and you see them grow closer and closer. But there is also magic and intrigue . A kidnapping of her best friend. You feel for Jayde, you want to wrap her up in your arms and hug her . You know her feelings as she is being taken away from what she know . As the story continues you see her grow and become a strong young woman that will do anything to protect the ones she loves . Even though sometimes she doesn't know what she is doing .
 The author did a great job with the characters and story line , but I think that someone younger would like this book also. The way the author writes the conversations make it an easy read for some one from the age of 13 and up. The dialogue was just a little choppy for me . Overall I really liked this story and the characters . I can't wait to see more from this author and her characters . The story line was a great introduction to paranormal romance for young people.
   This is a great book for your teenager to get them started in reading paranormal. This is a great introduction. I am going to be giving this book to some teens in my life. I am thinking this book would be a great read for some one between the ages of 13 to 17. So if you want to introduce your young reader to paranormal this will be the book for you. So check it out

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