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Wow it seems like forever since I have been on here. I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and Santa was good to you. Hope your New Years is full of love, laughter and lots of books .
Today  I am going to review PIN YOUR WINGS  by Stella Price

New album, new tour, new relationships.

With their new album done a tour on the horizon Thirteen Shades of Red has one last thing to do before it all starts: filming their new music video. Their record company pulls out all the stops for this one, including hiring on rising starlet Misery Chastain. And she’s single, a fact that has not escaped Shade’s guitarist Tosh Tillman.

Poised to be a leader in his shifter clan, Tosh is expected to take a mate and settle down. Those plans don’t fit with those of his family by choice and their bid for stardom. The one thing he is sure of is his interest in Misery. The woman is every fantasy he has ever had made flesh and he is determined to be the one to work with her for the video.

And Misery has her sights set on Tosh as well. A woman with a hidden past, she’s got secrets she’s dying to tell the only man that makes her blood pump hot… secrets that could destroy a burgeoning relationship, or bring it closer together.

When the object of Tosh’s lust wakes his beast, it seals their collective fate. He wasn’t looking for a mate, but it seems one found him. Too bad Misery is human… or is she?

Caught between the worlds of music, Hollywood, clans and courts, two people will have to learn how to be together and still be part of their own worlds.

Warning: This book contains a sexy shifter who is really good with his hands, a leading lady with a girlfriend and some supporting characters that could possibly steal the book. It is not intended for anyone under 18, as there are sexual situations and a veritable cornucopia of sailor talk. Reader discretion is advised.
 This is the fourth book in The Shades of Red Series. This is Tosh's book. I have been so looking forward to this book ever since Stella said she was writing it . I am addicted to the series . Why you ask? Well that is a good question. We have rock stars , yeah you are probably thinking another rock star book. But wait there is more, trust me on this . The lead singer can see dead people , another member is a hot and I mean hot Demon. The drummer is well she is just hot and in love with a fae record producer. Then there is Tosh who is a chimaera a shifter with three distinct animals . He wasn't looking to fall for anyone . But Misery comes into his life and has the pull on him that awakens his third. But she is human or really is she. Now together they must fight to stay together . He is touring and she is an up and coming movie starlet. So they work at being together as they find out that they are destined to be mated and she is a succubus . Now if that doesn't have you hooked then I forgot to tell you about King Ralph falling in love by throwing up on a female glimmer toad . You have to read the book to get what I am talking about.
  Stella has done it again. The Shades of Red series just keeps getting better and better. She loves to take us on a ride and its one hell of a ride. When other authors are rewriting the same story over and over . Stella and her writing partner Audrey push the boundaries and create unforgettable characters . Who you will laugh with and cry with . You also want to strangle them and high five them when they get it right, finally. All of their characters are very lovable but do have some flaws that will make you want to just hug them and keep them safe. But all her characters aren't human there is one that you will get a kick out of . King Ralph and he is a big blue blog of a frog who in my humble opinion steals the show in every scene he is in. From interrupting Tosh and Misery to throwing up all over a female glimmer frog. Just read the book to find out not going to tell you anymore.
  Now if hot sex with a hot shifter isn't enough which I think it is . Throw in some girl on girl action and it sets the whole book on fire. I didn't mind the girl on girl action , it was perfect fit to the story line and the ladies handled it very well. So if you want a great series with hot rock stars and a little on the side check out the SHADES OF RED SERIES and most definitely check out PINNED YOUR WINGS . I so know you will not be disappointed    

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