Thursday, January 8, 2015


Good Thursday all , hope your week is going good so far. Well today is all about the mystery.
Which by the way I love. Today we are going to review THE VANISHING WIFE by Barry Finlay

How far will a man go when his family is threatened? Mason Seaforth is about to find out. He is a mild mannered accountant living a quiet, idyllic life in the quiet community of Gulfport, Florida with his wife, Samantha. At least, it’s quiet and idyllic until Sami, as she’s known to her friends, vanishes the night of their 20th anniversary.
Mason is thrown into a life that is meant for other people as he and their brash friend, Marcie Kane, try everything to find out what has happened to Sami. A search of Sami’s computer uncovers notes describing a past that Sami has buried for more than 20 years.
Mason and Marcie are thrust into a race against a sadistic killer to discover what has happened to Mason’s wife. He reluctantly exchanges his spreadsheets for a Glock 17 and he and Marcie follow a trail left behind by Sami which leads them to a confrontation with some very dangerous people from Sami's past in Canada. Mason is required to make decisions that he could never imagine himself making and each one has deadlier consequences than the last. The wrong one could result in the death of his entire family.
 This book had me hooked from the second page. The mystery starts from the very beginning . I mean Mason wakes up to literally finding his wife of twenty years has just vanished. So like most good husbands he goes looking for her with his best friend. The story starts off of in Florida and stretch all the way up to Eastern Canada. You also meet some very unsavory people that put Mason, his daughter, wife and best friend in grave danger and get them all killed.
 I absolutely loved the characters in this book. Mason isn't some hero cop out for justice. He is an ordinary guy with an ordinary job. He is pushed into finding his wife and does it without turning into a vigilante. Macie is such a fun character to read, for lack of a better word she is zany. She wants to find her best friend and has to help the man who she always thought wasn't good enough for her best friend . She was the funniest character and I think the book needed her refreshing and quirky presence.
 The Author took us on a roller coaster ride. The mystery  was intense and the lengths the man would go to get his family back. You will be trying to figure out how and why all the way through this book.
You will be kept on the edge of your seat as you read . I will warn you though  there are some graphic scenes of violence and sex . So I would suggest that this book be read by anyone over the age of 18. If you want a great mystery read that would keep you reading until the end. This is the book for you. Check it out you won't be disappointed.

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