Saturday, January 24, 2015

On my blog birthday weekend i have the honor of reviewing a great book

Good Saturday morning everyone . This is my blog's first birthday weekend . I have the honor reviewing Nina Mason's new book DEVIL  IN DUKES CLOTHING (ROYAL PAINS BOOK 1)

                                                  BOOK BLURB
Maggie York, a convent-raised foundling, knows the Duke of Dunwoody’s sexual tastes are a shade or two darker than most, but marries him anyway—partly because she has no other prospects and partly because, try as she might, she can’t seem to stop fantasizing about her dashing rake of a guardian.
Robert Armstrong, the duke, is a Roman Catholic whose extreme devotions as a child warped his desires as a man. He’s also a slave to the times in which he lives--and to his king. Everything he is, everything he holds dear, depends on staying in Charles II’s good graces. Unfortunately, Maggie isn't the bride the king selected for him. Now, to make amends, the duke must either whore his wife or be reduced to a penniless and unprotected commoner at a time when Catholics are persona non grata in Great Britain.

                                    MY REVIEW

OMG NINA HAS DONE IT AGAIN. She can write about paranormal and she can write intrigue and now she wrote erotica. But not just any old erotica, Nina took it one step further and wrote historical erotica.
The story is about Maggie a young naïve girl who was raised in a convent where she was raised to think of sex as a way to procreate. You have to remember this is the 1680s. Enter the Duke of Dunwoody who basically inherited her when she was younger . Fast forward a few years as a voyeuristic Maggie finds the Duke and the family maid having sex in the library . Which sets off chain of events that ultimately ends up with Maggie fighting off the king when they go to court and I am so not going to tell you any more This is more then erotica it is a love story also .
  I loved the Duke he is such a torn character, he is strong but has a weakness that is Maggie. He was in love with her for a long time but waited for her to grow up. It was tough to keep his status with the king back then. He was bound by duty. Maggie was a spitfire from the word go. She was a sweet young girl that wanted to learn everything that Robert was willing to teach her about sex and love. They are such a good couple, she helps fulfill the kinky side of Robert and he opens her up to all things . Nina did a great job with these characters , well researched and lovingly written. I fell in love with both of these characters.
 I will tell you that Nina will rock your world with this story. It is well researched and well written , her characters are so full of life . They make you want to cheer for them and honestly you will want to smack a couple of them upside the head. I really want you all to read this book . So check it out I know you will not be disappointed. 

                                   ABOUT THE AUTHOR
Nina Mason is a hopeful romantic with strong affinities for history, mythology, and the metaphysical. She strives to write the same kind of books she loves to read: those that entertain, edify, educate, and enlighten. She is the author of The Queen of Swords, a darkly erotic Scottish paranormal romance/urban fantasy, and The Tin Man, a political thriller, both published by Vamptasy/CHBB. Devil in Duke’s Clothing is her first historical romance and Royal Pains is her first series. Starry Knight, book one in a second series titled Knights of Avalon, will be released in August 2015 by Lyrical/ Kensington. When not writing, Ms. Mason works as a communications consultant, doll maker, and home stager. Born and raised in Orange County, California, the author currently lives with her husband, teenage daughter, two rescue cats, and a Westie just north of Atlanta, Georgia.  


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