Thursday, January 22, 2015


Welcome to Thursday all . Hope you are all having a great week . Today we are reviewing a very heart wrenching book. ONE AMONG US by Paige Dearth

                                     BOOK BLURB
Eleven-year-old Maggie Clarke is abducted from her loving family and thrust into the indescribably horrific and largely unknown underworld of human sex trafficking. In captivity, Maggie’s life turns into a nightmare most children couldn’t imagine. When Maggie isn’t being sold to clients, she focuses on caring for Seth, a young boy who was also abducted.

With the help of Detective Rae Harker, the Clarkes’ frantically search for their daughter. Haunted by his own demons, Detective Harker vows to find Maggie—dead or alive.

Years after Maggie is abducted, a strange man approaches her with a dangerous proposition and she risks everything to break free of the network of unsavory characters that control her. Not even she can know how far she will go to get even with the people who ruined her life.

An unforgettable story of courage and survival, One Among Us serves as an eye-opening reminder that horrible things can happen to anyone—it’s how people deal with their circumstances that matters.
                                       MY REVIEW
 Have you ever had a book that totally gutted you with every turn of the page. This was that book for me . I  was crying at the end of the first chapter. In the book we meet Maggie a girl that is stolen from her family at the mall. She is thrust into the horrific world of human trafficking and the child sex trade.  As he family frantically tries to find her with the help of a detective that vows to bring Maggie back home .
  Trust me the characters in this book you will feel for them. They are in the worst circumstances imaginable and they become like a family. Cali, Max, Shana are the first people she meets. They are so broken you just want to hug them and take them home. As the story grows and the horrors are coming at them. Maggie grows stronger even though she is being destroyed every chance the perverts have. She sees so much , you wonder if she will end up a lost child hooked on drugs . But alas she prevails and even when traded she still fights back in her own way.  These characters are so broken and flawed. But they are also survivors , they adapt to what needs to be done and even if it is the most evil , they do come out on top. You see the evil just pouring off the perverts and you really want to shoot them yourself.
  I will tell you right now the author takes us into the depths of hell. You will read things that will make you cry and make you want to scream. Trust me I ugly cried about 20 times during this book.
The author makes us think and react to every scene in the book. You will want a happy ending for everyone but unfortunately there isn't usually a happy ending for them . Trust me, I actually had to put this book down a couple of times and walk away . I just needed to take what was happening and digest . But for every time I put it down the more I thought about it and went back to reading . I just couldn't get Maggie and her friends out of my mind . They made that much of an impression on me .
  This is not a book for the faint of heart , there are horrific scenes of child violence and graphic sexual content. This isn't a book for young people either. You will see a happy ending for Maggie but remember there isn't usually a happy ending. So please give this book a chance. I promise you will come away with a new awareness of the dark places in humanity .

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