Friday, April 22, 2016


   Good Friday all , been busy week here. I have been reading up a storm and was so excited to find out that one of my all time favorite authors had written a novella about two of my favorite characters from her boo series . So let me introduce you to THE WARRIORESS by J.D Brown.

                            BOOK BLURB

"My Life Before Yours, In Death and All Things"

Three-hundred years ago, a vampyre named Naamah caused the death of Maria's father. Now Naamah is back, and he intends to finish off the werewolves. Maria will do anything to protect her pack, even if it means betraying her heart and marrying him. When a greater threat arises, Maria must set her bitterness aside and join forces with Naamah to save both their people. Can she trust him and still be true to herself, or will they undo each other before their enemy even reaches them?

Naamah must lead his people to safety, but championing peace in the process is difficult for a vampyre that's better apt with a sword. He needs a princess's touch to heal his battle-stricken clan, but what he gets instead is a warrioress. If he can't earn Maria's trust and tame the wolf within her, they'll lose everything.

Set in 1100 BCE, The Warrioress is a prequel to The Ema Marx Series by J.D. Brown. The story chronicles the romance between Maria and Naamah during the very early trials of their immortal lives.

                               MY REVIEW
       Ok I must admit I was sooooo excited to hear that J.D was writing this novella. Maria and Nammah are such a staple through out the Ema Marx series . They have been there since the beginning and we really never knew anything about them and their early years .   In this novella we see the beginning of their love. Starting way back in 1100 BC and the tribes
    This story has so much going on, when we first meet Naamah and Maria they are young and hiding from the attack that is father is doing to her clan . Their first meeting was sweet as they see each other something takes hold in Naamah's heart . When they meet later he invades her wedding day . A day that she actually is dreading. As they find their way around each other , they are drawn to each other but Maria is a fighter and doesn't want to be part of his world . The violence of getting the other tribes to join them. As we read we see them start to lower their defenses and fall in love, fight to save themselves and their tribe. We see Naamah turn his shy little spit fire into the warrior . We also get the first look of the boys Jesu and Jalamari and the reasoning why they decided to be there for them .
  This was such great read for me . I have always wondered about Maria and Naamah's back story . The author did a great job in telling their story . She created such a great world for them and how they met and the way they fell in love . There were some twists an turns that kept me turning the pages . There is just one thing I just wished it was longer , I got totally engrossed in their story. So if you have been reading the Ema Marx series this is a great addition to the series . Check it out .

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