Wednesday, April 6, 2016


    Have you ever picked up a book and start to read and go wow after the first page . Going what did I get myself into and loving every second of it . Then I find out that this novel is the author's first book . UNITED WE STAND ( Civilization book 1) by Jeff Zimmerman

                             BOOK BLURB

After an advanced society is wiped out by a nuclear war, a group of survivors venture out of their bunker into the wastes to scavenge the remnants. The group discovers that artificial intelligence caused the war. To keep humanity from coming to an end they must stop the technology from progressing.

                             MY REVIEW
   This book blew me away , I started reading it and in the first chapter I was OMG what did I get myself into. The way the intelligence in the first chapter had me going oh my. What if this actually could happen. I mean what would you do if the end of the world was actually started by A.I and all mankind is either annihilated or have gone into hiding . The book starts out with a plucky group of  survivors that find an underground bunker .  Where they find an A.I  machine and pods for suspended animation. Where we meet Jock and find out about him as he is suspended. The history sets up the whole story so well . We find that Jock is trained to be a killer and we have the man the y call god . Jock realizes as he hunts for the rest of his crew that A.I  is ruining the world and that they must be stopped .
   The main character Jock is umm what can we say . He is an alpha male all the way but he is also very screwed up. He wasn't loved from the moment he was born , his parents just ignored him and then sent him to the foundation where they made him into the killing machine he is .  He tells us about his life as he dreams it . He is a complex character that I would love to see become more of and learn more about. The man who calls himself God was well lets just say he was to me evil . It felt like he was like the antichrist the way he proclaimed he was God and wanted to take over the world. He was a scary dude. I mean all the characters in the book are so complex and so intense , you are constantly worrying about them .
    I couldn't believe it when I read this book , I was on the edge of my seat for most of it. I had to look into the author. I honestly thought that this book was written by someone way older . When I found out this incredible book was written by a 17 year old , I was truly amazed and astonished . This book will take you on an incredible journey. You will start to think of wow what if that actually happened . What would you do and how would you survive? This book will make you think of all the dependency we have on electronics and how much of our lives we have given over to those devices .  So if you like sci fi and want a great book that might hit a little too close to home please give this book a chance . I can't wait for book two and all the other books this young author has in brain . We will be hearing a lot more from this author .

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