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  Good Monday all , today I am doing something a bit different . Today I am going to do two reviews on two different books in a series because they actually are written at the same time with sisters .  Today we are writing about Scarlett and Silver the news books in the Sexy Shifter Fairy tales by Jessica Aspen.

                            BOOK BLURB

Trapped in an isolated cabin with trouble on the way, how is Scarlett to know that the man who could be her prince, is actually a bear shifter in disguise.

Scarlett Rose screwed up—she used show and tell to prove to her sister that her boyfriend was a jerk. A year later and Silver is still pissed, but Scarlett is given a gift from the grave—their grandfather has left a will that forces the two of them to live together in his cabin deep in the heart of the Colorado Rockies. Now Scarlett has the chance to make her sister see that she’ll do anything—even change her wild ways for good—all for the chance to earn Silver’s forgiveness.

But the Rose girls don’t know that the mountain they grew up visiting every summer has been the home to bear shifters for years—and now the bears want the land back. All the land.

Rose sisters…or no Rose sisters.

Cam Beresford has spent his life being the town drunk’s son. Even now, when he and his brothers are finally successful game designers, the town’s old guard still sees them as unpredictable wild cards. But when the last non-shifter owner on Beresford Mountain dies, Cam knows this is his chance to buy back the property and show the town that the Beresford boys are not their father’s sons.

But, Scarlett isn’t as anxious to sell the property as Cam thought a city girl would be. And with someone on the mountain leaving nasty presents for the Rose girls, Cam’s inner bear is roused to protect, even if Scarlett is merely human.

With the danger growing increasingly higher and Silver threatening to leave, Scarlett’s time is running out. And when Cam tumbles over the edge of desire into the mating dance, will he be able to pull back? Or will his bear take over and take Scarlett to the edge?

Lions and wolves and bears, oh my.
Discover why readers love the twisted tales of Jessica Aspen’s Sexy Shifter Fairy tale Romance.
                       MY REVIEW
  Welcome to the world of shifters and their fairy tales . These aren't your everyday fairy tale . They are a little bit twisted and a whole lot sexy . Let me introduce you to Scarlett and her sister Silver.
 Lets see Scarlett really screwed up and she is on a mission to fix it . On the way to claim her inheritance from her grandfather, who knew its was going to get so complicated in the process. Al she wanted to do is make it up to her sister for all the pain she caused . But things don't go as planned and a hot bear shifter comes along and throws everything out of balance . Will they survive the onslaught of what is happening and will they love each other
  I loved the character of Scarlett . she is flawed but also so sweet . She had done bad things but she thinks she has done them for the right reasons. There are other ways to show her sister Silver that her ex was bad. She thinks very poorly of herself and we see her struggling and wanting to have everything right . We also see her start to grow up a bit and realize that she can only love her sister . She also falls in love with Cam. 
 Now Cam is a shifter trying to put the past behind him and prove to everyone that he isn't the poor son of a drunken dad . He works hard to see himself as better then everyone else. As he falls for Scarlett you see him start to let go of the past and realize that he is good enough to love and be loved . They make the perfect pair and even his bear likes her .
  This was a nice light quick read for me , I have read both books in an evening . The author takes on a great journey , with lots of twists and turns . Oh there is also a lot of nice hot steamy sex involved .
You will love these characters and trust me you will want to climb Cam like a spider monkey. He is one hot man and oozes sexiness . The story is great and you will cheer for the heroes and you might even shed a tear or two. So if you want a sexy twisted fairy tale that will keep you reading and wanting more. This is the book for you .

                           BOOK BLURB

In all the best fairytales, bear shifters mate for life. Right?

Silver Rose is on the edge of bankruptcy. The only way she can get enough money to pay off her bills is to live with the sister who betrayed her at their grandfather’s isolated cabin in the Rocky Mountains. But, someone doesn’t want the girls to succeed and is leaving nasty surprises, each one worse than the last. And now bankruptcy and getting close to her sister aren’t the only danger in the woods.

Abe Beresford has seen the worst side of the mating bond and he never wants to be that attached to anyone. When he has a one night stand with Silver, he’s confident there is no risk of falling in love—or even worse, mating for life. But when he starts to feel more than just lust for the lovely Silver, he backs off, hurting Silver’s feelings but protecting his heart.

But Abe can’t resist either Silver or the urge to claim his mate—even if she’s human and hasn’t a clue about bear-shifters. And when Silver runs into trouble on the mountain, can Abe avoid the mating bond and still save her from a rabid attacker? Or is he doomed to succeed at rescuing her only to watch her walk away?

Lions and wolves and bears, oh my.

Discover why readers love the twisted tales of Jessica Aspen’s Sexy Shifter Fairy tale Romance.

                          MY REVIEW
  Welcome to Silver's side of the story , which I found was very entertaining and we find out what really went on between her and Scarlett. She is just as screwed up as poor Scarlett but just hides it better . She is going through so much and is under so much pressure. She decides to do have a one night stand with  Abe, Cam's brother and a bear shifter in his own right . But all is not what it seems there is more to this couple . Will they survive each other and the person who is threatening them..
  Silver is a very flawed character. I kind of thought at the beginning she was a whining little girl that needed to really grow up . She was acting like a real brat with her sister . As you read we find out the whole story you start to feel for her and start to like her . Abe is going through a lot of pressure and can't seem to keep it together . Trying to get through the day. As they come together they seem to be each others calming points and after so much misunderstanding they finally realize that they do belong together
    This book is written at the same time as Scarlett and we see both sides of the story and how each character has developed. She takes us on a journey of love and healing , with some sexy twists involved. This was another quick read for me and I have come to love all the characters in the sexy fairy tales and each and everyone of them. They are great light reads that will take you away for a few hours and leave you a little happier and you will have a giggle or two .  So check them out .


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