Friday, April 15, 2016


   Good Friday all . today we are going to review book one and two in a series . I have been reading a lot of new zombie authors as of lately. For some reason I am loving the zombie/ apocalyptic books . I found this author through a friend . So let me introduce you to I.J Smith and his books DEAD & ALIVE SURVIVE  and his new book DEAD&ALIVE SACRAFICE .

book one                    BOOK BLURB

Great Britain has been evacuated and quarantined, access is forbidden. When a mysterious message is received, they send in a Army Section to investigate. What they discover will send them on a journey through hell, can they survive, can they make it out within 24 hours.

                           MY REVIEW
    I couldn't believe how I sucked into this book got . I loved how the author sets up the story just after things started happening. This is set as the military in the background , our group of spunky zombie killers are all from the military. Jack is our unlikely hero trying to keep everyone together. They keep moving and hunting and just trying to survive .
  Jack is the type of character that you will want to be in your corner . he is tough and yet he cares for all of the survivors . He is all man but also has a caring side . He and the rest of the survivors. They make a great team and will do anything to survive .
 This was a great story , that flowed really well. The characters were well developed and you can't help care about them . They will make you laugh and you will shed some tears along the way . There is action from the very first page , you will be sitting on the edge of your seat through the whole story. You can tell the author poured his all into his characters . This is the first book I have read by this author and I cant wait to read more .

book two                     BOOK BLURB

Jack and the team stayed behind in a Zombie infested London. Their goal to save as many as they can. Before they can move the living enemy attacks, causing the fight to live and a sacrifice is needed.

                            MY REVIEW
  Welcome to book two DEAD&ALIVE SACRIFICE . We pick up right were book one left off . Jack and the gang are saving as many survivors as they can . But sometimes the cost is too much .  They meet up with some new evil characters  We get sucked into the action on the very first page the characters are becoming more developed in this book.  We see them move more as a team and a close knit family. The author is pulling us deeper and deeper in to their lives and if they will to survive .
 We get to know more in depth the character of Alina, she is evil and boy there are some scenes with her that will make you squirm. She is evil and I mean evil and I loved her.
  The author has really improved his story telling in this book. The flow of the book was good and it read really fast . There is a twist at the end that will make you cry , and I did cry . I can't wait to read more from this author . Lets see what book three has in store for us . Please check out this author , I am sure he will be on your tbr list soon ,


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