Monday, April 18, 2016

good monday everyone

  Good Monday morning all . I hope you all had a great weekend .  Have you ever gotten so wrapped up in a book that you get started and finish in a day. Well that's what happened to me this weekend . SHIFTERS A Samantha Reece Mystery by Jamie Johnesee

                             BOOK BLURB

When a serial killer begins leaving remains of victims in hotel bathtubs all over town FBI Agent Samantha Reece makes it her business to stop him.

This detective's got an ace up her sleeve in the form of her ability to shift into the guise of a were panther. As she tracks down the cold-hearted murderer she also has to contend with an anti-shifter group determined to destroy her.

                           MY REVIEW
  Welcome to Samantha Reece's world , she is a detective with the FBI and also a jaguar shifter . She is on the hunt for a serial killer , who is making soup out of shifters .  Not that she has enough on her plate with her jaguar and the serial killer . Her maker shows up and puts her jaguar in a constant state of arousal .  There also is the anti sup league that wants all shifters dead . Will she survive the serial killer and will she give into what she wants with her jaguar.
    We first meet Sam in Bob the Zombie , where they are great friends and help each other out . Now she has her own spin off book. She is a tough as nails FBI agent with special abilities . She is a jaguar shifter which helps her out in her job. She is cocky and I love her, we see her be the kick ass detective and then we see her come undo a bit when she is getting attacked by all sides . Its nice to see her fight feeling for the man who bit her . She keeps trying to say that it is sire bond and tries to rationalize everything . There are some really great moments in the book that had me laughing out loud . Especially when her jaguar is acting all slutty and she wants nothing to do with that , it always seems to pop up at the wrong time  We also have some great supporting characters in the book that make you laugh and a couple that you kind of really want to climb like a spider monkey, they are hot shifters I will tell you that much.
   Now some people say that this book was slow moving, I didn't find that at all . I got so engrossed in the book that I couldn't put it down. I loved the characters and how the author started out and developed the characters . She takes us on a great fun ride full of twists and turns . One minute you think you have it figured out and bam nope wrong person. There is also quite a bit of funny scenes that will make you laugh and some scenes that will make you shed a tear . So if you want a good book that will make you laugh and have a good time check it out . I can't wait for book t

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