Thursday, November 24, 2016


Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in the States , if you are looking for a good book to read while you are relaxing this weekend . Let me tell you about CAPTURED PLEASURE by Tanya Sands . All the royalties from this book will be donated to HONOR THE SACRIFICE  an organization that aids military vets and their families

                            BOOK BLURB

**All royalties from the sales of this book to be donated to Honor the Sacrifice, an organization that aids military veterans and their families.**
Bradley Michaels moves to the west coast to be closer to his family. Through a military commitment he meets a young woman who immediately grabs his interest. Thinking they have a connection, he is shocked when he sees her with someone from his past.
Kellee Drake snags a great opportunity to not only be part of a great charity fundraiser for Honor the Sacrifice but a chance to get her name out there. Through this gig she meets two guys and is instantly attracted to both. Thinking the worst of herself, it isn’t until the three of them are together that things get curiously interesting.
Ayden Jones lost his best friend in high school over a relationship. Or rather a lack thereof. But the suggestion freaked his friend out. Years later a simple photo shoot brings them together.
Can Bradley and Ayden mend their friendship and find love with Kellee? Can Kellee come to terms with her feelings for both men?

                            MY REVIEW
 This is the fifth book in the chasers series and is the story of Bradley Ayden and Kellee . I must say that this is a very hot book with two very hot military men , who are best of friends and a sexy curvy photographer .  They are pulled together by a project and find out there is a spark between the three of them . Will they find love and mend the friendship they guys once had .
 I sat down trying to find something good to read when I found this book on my kindle. I really like the characters and how they interacted The sexual attraction between the men and Kellee is great.
 They are both wanting her but also have reservations about how it will all work out.  Kellee is a strong character but also really fragile, she is living with diabetes and has to keep a check on herself .She is curvy and really career driven . Bradley is a lieutenant in the Air force and is hot oh so hot and very alpha . You will absolutely fall in love with him . Ayden is a Range Officer in the marines and is also one hot dude . He is the more dominant of the two an is one panty melting dude . You will want him to do all sorts of naughty things to you . Trust me on that one . Throw them both together and you will have some very hot flashes happening The best character I found and fell in love with is Suki. Kellee's service dog, she is a great dog and helps out when Kellee needs her . She is sweet and loving . I love any kind of book that has an animal in it . Especially a dog that has a job to do like Suki.
  This was a good evenings read for me . The characters are well written and complex . The story flowed well . I finished it in an evening . This is a hot sexy story that will have you blushing and fanning yourself as you read .  Overall this is a great story and has a great meaning to go with it as you read . But there are just a few spots that just didn't grab me . It kind of felt repetitive  like I read in another one of her books . But that didn't dissuade me from reading and falling in love with the characters . So if you want a good hot sexy read that will have you fanning yourself and donate to a worthwhile cause check out CAPTURED PLEASURE

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