Friday, November 4, 2016


 Woohoo its finally Friday and today we are going to review a new author to me and I have fallen in love with his writing . Let me introduce you to the FRANKENSTEIN THEORY by Jack Wallen .

                            BOOK BLURB

Every soul has a dark corner. Only Victor Frankenstein was brave enough to play God in its shadows.


If music be the food of life… play on.

With the help of his deceased father’s work, Victor Frankenstein develops a theory to reanimate the dead. Through the art of surgery and music, Victor creates a man capable of unmaking his life and driving the Frankenstein legacy to ruin.

The story is all too familiar. Man versus monster versus man. Sometimes, trapped in that circle of death, the truest monster is revealed.

                                        MY REVIEW
 This is the first book I have  ever read  by this author . I have heard so much about him , I decided to take a chance . I am so happy I did . This isn't your parents Frankenstein, Mr. Wallen has taken the story to the next level .  Everyone knows the tale of Frankenstein's monster but this story delves more into the doctor and the monster . But really who is the monster in this tale . We see a bright, talented doctor who is marred and disfigured with all the darkness that is surrounding him . He has gone corrupt and with all the darkness that he has , he can't find his way back .  The monster on the other hand is beautiful but also is empty, he is the light to the doctor's darkness .
 The author takes us on a twisted roller coaster ride . You honestly don't know who is the monster and who is the man sometimes . The characters are so realistic and you feel for them . You feel the doctor as he descends into his madness , as he works to finish his fathers work . With the help of his friend Henry , he tries to finish off his fathers work .
  This was a great read for me , I couldn't put it down . It had so many twists and turns . I was really sure that I could figure it out . This book left me with more questions then answers and truly had me thinking the whole time I was reading . I felt like I was reading a very intelligent and well written book . I loved the old Frankenstein but Mr. Wallen has written a Frankenstein for today's readers .  So if you want an intelligent book that will make you think check out FRANKENSTEIN THEORY by Jack Wallen.

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