Tuesday, November 8, 2016


   Welcome to Tuesday, hope everyone is doing well and living large . Today we are going to review a great book NEVER DIE by N.L Hoffmann

                            BOOK BLURB

This is a standalone novel.

Never give up. Never surrender.

Never Die.

Riley Cole is a lone wolf. Metaphorically speaking, that is.

After living through a bleak childhood and pathetic excuses for parents, Riley left the backwoods town of Luna Hill, Missouri happily in her rearview mirror. Her survival instincts and natural independence brought her to Chicago, where she discovered her calling as a private investigator.

However, when a mysterious stranger from her hometown requests her services, Riley must summon all of her courage to face the ghosts of her past.

As she gets closer to the answers that she seeks, something otherworldly happens. Riley becomes an actual wolf.

With the help of Sheriff Luke Thatcher, can Riley get to the truth and save those closest to her before it's too late?

                               MY REVIEW
 I love this authors writings so when I saw that she had a new book out . I jumped at the chance to give it a read . This is a stand alone book about a small town girl that left . Made good and had to come back to the small town , where her child hood was horrible . Sounds like your everyday story of most small town stories , right . Wrong this one is so much more there is a werewolf pack involved . Meet Riley a private eye that is sucked into going back to her home town . A place that she never wanted to go back to. But she is on a case and needs to rescue her little sister , that she didn't even know she had . She gets more then she bargained for when she meets Luke Thatcher . the hot sheriff in town and his bad boy brother Lance .  Will she get the answers she needs and will she be able to handle what happens to her .
    I really loved the characters in this book . The author writes such great strong complex female characters . Riley is the type of girl that has been through so much in her life . She grew up in the most horrible conditions but has survived . You see her struggling at the beginning of the book .  But as you read you see Riley grow stronger and become the woman that she knew she was all the time.
Lance Thatcher is the bad boy that has grown up to still be the bad boy around town . He has an arrogant attitude but underneath he has a heart . He is so much an alpha, cocky but also loves his family. He loves flirting with Riley and driving his brother Luke crazy. I actually really like Lance even though at some points I wanted to knock him upside the head.
 Luke is the sullen sheriff of Luna Hill and Lance's brother . He just seems like the a lone wolf and he is complicated . He is surly, and sexy as sin . He is trying to keep his brother in line and trying to live down the bad rep of his family. He is smitten with Riley and she is smitten with him but they both try and deny their feelings. I am so glad he is such a great character to read . I kind of fell for him hard . I love brooding characters that have that alpha sexiness .
 There are so many great supporting characters that go along with Riley, Lance and Luke and they all play important parts in this book .
    I couldn't put this book down . Like all N.L's books I was hooked from the very first page . She takes us on an adventure with every turn on the page . The story was so good and such a nice different way to have a werewolf pack . You will really like them and Riley will make you cheer for her and Luke . The twist at the end will make you go wow . The story is a thrill ride and will keep you reading all night long . I will admit I read this book in one night and I had a book hangover. So if you want a great book that will keep you reading and loving . Check out NEVER DIE  by N.L Hoffmann

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