Wednesday, November 2, 2016


  Good morning everyone, now that I can see straight again and also can think . I have an awesome book for you today  GRAVE DANGER  by S.K GREGORY

                             BOOK BLURB

Sure, she'd summoned a zombie as a teenager, but that was an accident. Only now, as an adult, does the power she's been denying for years finally come in handy, when a fellow citizen of the small town of Stone Marsh asks her to use a spell to bring her straying husband back. Aurelia agrees – and sets a series of uncanny events in motion, a chain reaction that leads to self-discovery, danger, and truly supernatural romance..

With the help of local sheriff Brody Clarke (the man who's loved her since high school, who would do anything to protect her), and an experienced witch and psychic named Sabine Blyth, Aurelia must learn to master her new abilities as a necromancer, solve the mystery of a string of bizarre deaths that are plaguing her beloved town, and ultimately battle a Shadow Mage – a wizard cursed to live between worlds – who's determined to destroy them all.

Aurelia hasn't a clue how to use her power, and a world of trouble and true love is heading her way. Can she cast a spell that will give her and her sheriff the happy ending she's always wanted?

                              MY REVIEW
  This is a really good read . Aurelia is having a rough time of it lately . Ever since she raised a zombie when she was younger. She has denied her powers until that fateful day when a fellow townsfolk asks Aurelia to do a spell to bring back her husband. Then she ends up setting off a chain of events that will help her and also put her in danger  all at the same time . She needs all the help she can get to figure out how to use her powers of a necromancer . With Sheriff Brody Clarke at her side will they figure out who is murdering people and will Aurelia figure out her powers and get the happy ending that they all deserve. 
    I loved the characters in this book Aurelia is such a sweet girl, who hasn't really had any good luck. She seems like such a sweet innocent girl who has these powers but has denied them . As you read you see her grow into the powerful necromancer and fall in love with her long time crush . She gets stronger and more confident as she grows into her powers . I loved her and her quirkiness , she could be your best friend or the girl next door.  
  Brody is such a sweet guy, he is the sheriff in town and has been in love with Aurelia since high school. All he wants to do is date and protect Aurelia but she is making it difficult for him . He is put through the ringer watching over her . He is strong and caring a big teddy bear .  He would make for an excellent boyfriend to anyone . I loved how these two characters click and they are a very enjoyable to read .
    This is an enjoyable fast read for me . The characters are quirky and fun, you love how they interact with each other . The author takes us on a fun filled ride that will have you giggling through out the book. The author paints such a fun picture when she writes , you get the whole picture in your mind . You will get sucked into the story and the pages turn themselves . The book flows well and its an easy read . So if you want a fun, fast, enjoyable read that will keep you reading until the wee hours of the morning . Check out Grave Danger by S.K Gregory

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