Sunday, April 2, 2017


  Good Sunday all . Today we are going to review Cathy Jackson's new book YOURS TO CLAIM.  Its going live tomorrow

                           BOOK BLURB

  Ruthie Eden is in love with the Roselle children. Caring for them has opened her heart to their precocious and endearing love, and that’s the good news. The bad news is she is falling in love with their father, popular YouTuber Maximillian Roselle. She can see a future with him, but how does he feel about her?
   Maximillian Roselle has too many things on his mind: his wonderful children, his dream career and the beautiful, compassionate and fiercely loving woman he has hired to care for them. It is a recipe for love or disaster. Max has been finding it difficult to maintain his emotional distance as an employer and, truth be told, he doesn't want to.
  Facing fears of the future and ghosts of their pasts with newfound love and faith, Max and Ruthie embark on a relationship guided by their hearts and God.   

                       MY REVIEW
   This is the second book in the series  and starts right where the first book leaves off .  I have been waiting  to see what would happen . As we start the book we see that they have strong feelings for each other . But Max kind of pulls back and keeping Ruthie at a distance . He keeps referring to her as the nanny . He is in such turmoil with his emotions . He isn't the only one that is in denial of their feelings . Ruthie is fighting her feelings also . She is a devout Christian woman who has promised herself to wait until she is married . Max is having an effect on her that she wants to be with him more and more . They must navigate what their hearts desire and their new found relationship within God's hands .
  The characters have grown since book one. We see a more playful side of both Ruthie and Max . They seem to be growing up more . Max is becoming more of the man that they all need . He is learning to relax and actually have fun with his kids . He is also starting to let his feelings for Ruthie come to the surface. Ruthie to me still seems to be a little bit naïve at the beginning of the books . She is self conscious about herself . As you read more into the book we see her growing stronger and more self assured after she finally admits that her feeling for Max are genuine and that God might be leading her in this direction .
   This is such a sweet story of two people who find each other through the grace of God . They are such a sweet couple and the kids are so adorable. The author will make you laugh and cry also maybe fall in love just a little . Cathy writes with a passion that will make you keep reading all night long . I can tell you have a box of Kleenex at the ready and also be prepared to maybe give Max a shake and even Ruthie a shake now and again . Cause they really need it through out the book . So if you want a sweet romantic story that will make you fall in love . Check out  YOURS TO CLAIM  by Cathy Jackson

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